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What are the Mobile Windows OS special features?

what has Windows OS got

The Windows Phone OS gives you the familiar experience of your PC on your smartphone with many of the same programs and apps available. With the likes of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Office applications available you will be able to get to grips with the Windows Phone OS without issue.

The latest Windows Phone OS includes a Live Tiles homescreen display that can be customised with your favourite apps, allowing you to see all your important information at a glance. Simply pin your favourite apps to the homescreen, and your news, sports scores and social network updates will feed through to the homescreen in real time.

The Windows Phone OS allows you to keep up with work tasks and enjoy your multimedia across all your screens with OneDrive, simply open up your files on your phone or PC. Windows Phone smartphones are the only devices with Office built in which means you can open, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your phone and complete them or share them on your PC, making it the perfect choice for a work phone.

Enhancing mobile gaming with Xbox live through the Operating System

xbox and windows mobile compatibilityIf you love gaming on your mobile you will love a Windows Phone smartphone as these are the only smartphones that come with the Xbox Hub on board so you can play fantastic games from your compatible devices and access your Xbox Live games on your phone as well as your games console.

As well as many apps you can download which include games and other interesting and helpful applications to get through your day, just download from the website as they are available either free or paid for, meaning you can personalize your phone to suit you.

Cheap mobile phone deals

The Windows Phone OS has been adopted by many manufacturers as the system for a number of smartphones. Varying from budget-friendly to top end devices, the perfect Windows Phone smartphone will be easy to find.

Just choose the model that suits your budget, then choose the tariff which best meets your needs and then we'll do the work by comparing deals from all over.

What is Cortana?

  • Just like the old style paper clip you could see on Microsoft Word, Cortana brings you everything that you need help with in your daily life, all direct through your phone.
  • Pressing the search button will get you to Cortana no matter what you are doing or where you currently are even if your Windows handset is locked.

How do I change from iPhone and Android to a Windows Phone?

  • If you've now decided that Windows is the operating system for you and have picked your phone and deal, but you want to transfer over important things like contacts, calendars, music, docs and photos to your new mobile then check out this page on Windows website to help you do just that.

Are SIM free phones available?

Just like any other smartphone a SIM free option is available, we have a section on these here.

It's a different option for those that require it and is now very popular, as users look for the best deals.

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