What's in the Premium Suite Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 Owners?

What's in the Premium Suite Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 Owners?

Samsung has this week begun rolling out a new Premium Suite update for British owners of the hugely popular Galaxy S3. In what's the biggest update to the handset since Android's Jelly Bean earlier in the year, Premium Suite introduces 14 new features, most of which debuted on the Galaxy Note 2.

With the Premium Suite update already reaching many Samung Galaxy S3 owners, here we'll take a closer look at what new features are available and also the ones you're most likely to use.

Paper Artist

Samsung featured Paper Artist heavily in its advertising of the Galaxy Note 2, and for good reason. This is a really neat app that allows you to edit, enhance and generally play about with photographs you've taken with the camera. 

You can add effects, colour and even text to images, before sending them on to a friend with the enhanced S-Beam functionality.

Low-Light Shot

Out just in time for the Christmas party season, and perhaps one of the features that will please most, is low-light shot. This reduces the need for a flash in darker conditions, such as when you're out in a dimly-lit bar or restaurant.

Select the low light setting from the camera's menu and the shutter will stay open slightly longer, allowing more light in and considerably enhancing the quality of photographs. 


Multi-tasking has been enhanced as the S3 eeks out as much as it can from its quad-core 1.4GHz processor. You can now open two applications and use them side-by-side in the same window.

Pull in a side tray to open up available apps, drag one into the main display area and your screen will automatically split into two, allowing you to switch easily from one to the other, or even watch a YouTube video while typing out an email.

Best Face

A really neat feature, and one that is likely to cause many arguments, is Best Face. When studying a group photograph, the chances are that someone will have blinked, or more likely that someone won't be happy with their pose. With Best Face, the camera takes five consecutive shots, and with face detection highlighting everyone, you can select the best face from the five, to produce a perfect group shot.

Facebook Lock Ticker

If you're a Facebook addict, you can now view your news feed from the lock screen. Instead of opening up the app, simply wake up your phone to see a news ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Reader Mode

If you enjoy browsing the web on your S3, but get frustrated with websites that aren't optimised for reading on a mobile phone, Reader Mode will help. This converts any web page into a much easier-to-read experience, saving you from zooming in and moving around a page just to read its contents.

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For the full list of features in the Premium Suite update, check out Samsung's videos on YouTube.



Written by Damian Carvill

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