Mobile Phone Upgrades

So, it’s been almost two years since you last took the plunge and jotted your name down at the bottom of your latest smartphone contract, and now it’s time to upgrade. It’s a magical time for any mobile phone user, with hundreds of devices to choose from, but how do you go about upgrading your phone?

It might be your first upgrade or it could be your tenth – either way, there’s always plenty of information to take in, phones to look at and deals to consider.

Should I stick with my phone? Should I upgrade my handset? Should I get a SIM only deal? All are valid questions. However, the biggest task you’ll face is dealing with your current network and finding out how to upgrade with O2, EE, Vodafone, or any of the bunch of UK networks.

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But with each provider offering different experiences, how can you find the information you need? Don’t worry – we’ve got all of your mobile upgrade information by network right here.

How to Upgrade my Mobile Phone...

It's a little bit different to signing up for a normal agreement, so can be a bit tricky to get your head around, as each UK network may be different, this is why we are here to help.

Just click on any of the below networks to find out all the upgrade information you need to know.

If you are still worried about the best and worst mobile networks and if your phone contract is coming to an end, you might be thinking about your next move. Well thankfully, you've come to the right place. With deals from all the major UK phone networks, you can upgrade your smartphone to any of the latest handsets. 

When can I upgrade my mobile phone contract?

When you can upgrade depends on each network provider. Many networks allow you to upgrade if you have just one month left on your contract, though this may vary between network providers.

Can I upgrade early?

Most networks will also allow you to upgrade early if there's a new handset which you are desperate to get your hands on. Some networks will make you pay an extra charge for getting out of your current contract early, but again this depends from network to network. 

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Worried about getting a Bad Credit Phone Contract?

Your credit rating can have a serious impact on your chances of upgrading to a brand new smartphones. However, just because your credit rating isn’t good, it doesn’t mean you should be forced into a phone you don’t want when upgrading.

By taking a look at our deals for bad credit, you can find a phone that suits you at a price that’s very affordable – and even grab yourself a guaranteed mobile contract if you want assurance that you’ll bag the phone of your dreams.

Upgrade deals with Free Gifts

Like a normal contract you can get a freebie gift with your new deal, if you want to search for the best prices with a free gift then take a look at the gifts available and choose the upgrade option. See all free gift deals here.

Whilst for some upgraders a new phone will be more than enough to keep them happy, others want a little bit more than a brand new iPhone 7. Many upgrade deals allow for customers to bag a free gift with their mobile phone upgrade.

For more information about upgrading with the popular gaming consoles like the Xbox One and of course Sony's PS4.

Phones Coming Soon

When upgrading it is always sensible to keep an eye on the latest upcoming phones, a 24 month contract is a long time to stay with the same handset.

Here are some of the phones you may be interested to know about