Ubuntu Operating System to run on Smartphones

Ubuntu for mobile phones announced

Canonical has announced today that its open source Operating System Ubuntu has been adapted to run successfully on smartphones.

For some time now, the company has had a focus on creating a single family of interfaces, which will all work the same way, regardless of the device it's deployed on. This means that whether you use the Ubuntu OS on a laptop, PC or mobile phone, you will have access to the same applications and interface. 

This means that with Ubuntu installed as the OS, mobile phones will be able to act as a PC, when connected to a desktop monitor and keyboard.

In a blog post on the Canonical website, Jane Silber wrote that:

"Ubuntu phones aren’t yet available for purchase, but we are ready to start working with partners with an aim to releasing phones before the end of 2013."

Canonical will be demonstrating Ubunto for phones at CES in Las Vegas and again at MWC in Barcelona, which begins at the end of February. This will provide us with a better idea about its power and whether the company has moved closer to achieving its goal of creating an OS portable across devices. 

With rumours circulating that Samsung will soon announce the first mobile phone using the Tizen OS, and RIM due to launch BlackBerry 10, it appears that 2013 will be a hugely competitive one for mobile Operating Systems. 

Written by Damian Carvill.

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