Top 10 Mobile Phone Christmas Stocking Fillers

Mobile Phone Stocking Filler

Christmas is one of those magical times of year, where gifts are given, fun is had and work is put on hold.

But, If you're looking for the perfect mobile phone stocking fillers this Christmas to go with the new handset you’ve bought as the main present for your mum, dad, son, daughter, brother or sister, best mate, worst mate, neighbour or colleague then we’ve put together a list of the top ten mobile phone accessories that you can buy to put in their stocking.

10. Mobile Phone Covers

Mobile phone covers or skins are one of the most popular accessories for your phone this Christmas. Not only do they help to protect the handset, but they also gives the user the chance to personalise their mobile device.

You can keep it simple by purchasing a cover or skin in a single block colour, or you could choose one with your favourite celeb like Beyonce or Harry Styles (hey, who's judging?!).

A quirky and fun way to stand out from the crowd, your phone case can turn your otherwise boring phone into a fun and unique device. 

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9. Memory Cards

OK, so this might not sound like the most fun Christmas present- but it is a useful one! Memory cards are an integral addition to any mobile phone, allowing for more space for data storage.

The memory card will give more room for files such as music, podcasts, photographs, films, TV shows and videos to carry around on the device.

Memory cards come with various storage limits ranging from tiny amounts all the way up to humungous 128GB efforts depending on how much space you want on the mobile phone.

8.  Screen Protector

A screen protector for mobile phones is another essential accessory to ensure that your new handset isn’t easily scratched.

This accessory is an invisible piece of film that is placed on the screen of the mobile phone which will still allow you to use the device, even if it is a touchscreen phone.

This protective layer will help to keep a brand new mobile device looking new without affecting the screen quality.  

7. Hands Free Kit

If you're a busy bee that's always on the road you might want to invest in a new hands-free kit that fits your new device. 

Alternatively, a Bluetooth headset would also be a great stocking filler as it will connect to the mobile phone wirelessly so calls can be made while driving.

6. Speakers

Angry Bird Speakers

Speakers are a fantastic mobile phone stocking filler for Christmas- and are the perfect accompanyment to your Christmas day.

As many mobile phones can double up as an mp3 player, speakers are an easy way to turn up the volume on your favourite tunes.

5. Extra Battery

If your loved one can't get enough of texting you should definitely pick up an extra battery for your new mobile phone as a stocking filler.

This is an excellent gift to go with the handset as it may come in handy in a number of situations, like if you're travelling abroad without an adaptor plug!

4. Smartwatch or Activity Tracker

If the mobile phone as the main Christmas present is a new shny smartphone, why not put a FitBit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker in the stocking too?

It will monitor the steps taken each day as well as distance covered and calories burned when it is attached on the person.

The data can then be synced to the smartphone where the user can see their progress and even share the results with friends. Perfect for burning off that Christmas turkey!

3. Touch Screen Gloves

With the cold weather taking hold, make use of touch screen gloves so that using a mobile phone outside without leaving hands exposed to the cold possible.

With many popular handsets using touch screen technology nowadays, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, a pair of touch screen gloves is ideal for the winter months to keep hands warm outside and it is a brilliant idea for a stocking filler at Christmas time.

2. Ear Muff  Headphones

To keep in with the theme of cold weather, ear muff headphones are also a practical way of keeping ears warm and listening to music, the radio or podcasts on a chilly day.

They come in a variety of colours and work with any device that has a 3.5mm jack.

Some ear muff headphones can even be used for phone calls if a microphone comes with them.

1. DeskPets CarBot App

A fun stocking filler to play with on Christmas day is a toy car that is controlled with the DeskPets CarBot app, otherwise known as an app-cessory.

It is available on mobile phones that use the Android or iOS operating system.

These wonderful stocking fillers for Christmas are a fun and practical way to make the most out of your mobile phone.

Whether they are used to make the device more personalised to the user or to enhance the features on offer by the handset, these stocking fillers are both useful and entertaining.

So there you have it, just 10 great gift ideas if you have a relative with a new smartphone to play with this Christmas.

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