The Most Expensive Mobile Phones of All Time

the most expensive phones of all time

With the vast array of mobile phone deals that companies offer today, there is rarely an excuse for anyone not to own one of the many smartphones on the market. While you may prefer to get a contract which includes your chosen handset for free, many people are willing to fork out perhaps £200, £300 or even up to £500 for the latest model.

However, have you ever considered really splashing out on purchasing the ultimate style-orientated mobile phone? Some people really choose to go to town by buying the most expensive handsets in the market.

If you really want to own one of these phones, which ultimately serve as accessories rather than functional aides, you might have to start saving…for the next 30 years!

iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Officially the world’s most expensive phone, the iPhone 4S Elite gold is handmade and designed by the Liverpool-born Stuart Hughes. The outer edge of the mobile phone is made up of around 500 individual diamonds and the rear case is formed of 24 carat gold. As if that’s not enough, the iPhone’s usual Apple logo is fashioned of yet more 24 carat gold, with 53 diamonds embedded on top.

To go further with the luxury theme, designers have formed the main navigation button from gold, and have placed a single 8 carat diamond in the centre, serving as the show stopper feature at first glance of the handset.

As for the actual phone, this model is no better than your average iPhone 4S, which costs just over £500 in today’s market. There are no special features or apps accompanying this designer handset that don’t exist on the ordinary model, which goes to show that some people really do wear their mobile phones as a key fashion accessory.

This limited edition of the 64 GB iPhone 4S is only one of two in existence, presumably because only two people in the world could afford the whacking £6 million pricetag!

Goldvish ‘Le Million’

Although Goldvish has since released newer luxury mobile phones, the ‘Le Million’ model is the designers’ most expensive handset, costing in at just over £800,000. In fact, even the Guinness Book of Records announced in 2008 that ‘Le Million’ was officially the world’s most expensive phone until the Ulysse Nardin Chairman stole its title in 2010.

The handset of ‘Le Million’ is made of 18k white gold, and features 20 carats of diamonds. The company’s CEO, Michel Morren, has insisted that the handset is unisex, despite the glitzy design. There are only three handsets in circulation, and it was reported that one was purchased by a businessman in Hong Kong. Lucky him.

Giving that ‘Le Million’ was released back in 2006, it does not feature much of the mobile phone technology that we have become familiar with. You could argue that the model is almost retro, sporting polyphonic ringtones and a 2 MP camera. Features that the phone does not have, however, include games, voice recording, or MP3 capabilities. So if you value the functionality of your mobile phone in any way, I wouldn’t recommend rushing out to buy this phone…

Ulysse Nardin: The Chairman

The Chairman is designed by Ulysse Nardin, known best for making luxury watches, and is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s most expensive phone. Although its price tag of £33,000 doesn’t quite match the Apple iPhone 4S Elite Gold’s £6 million charge, the Chairman flew into the record books for being the most expensive handset which is commercially available.

The phone’s impeccable design displays traces of the Ulysse Nardin’s watch-making expertise; the volume controls on the side of the handset resemble watch dials and the rear of the phone displays the rotor mechanism unique to the phone. Latest editions of the mobile phone feature up to 3,000 diamonds and have a scratch resistant sapphire glass screen.

The Chairman phone itself is also of a higher quality than its Guinness World Record predecessor, Le Million; it’s powered by Google’s Android technology, has both a touch screen and physical key pad, in-built speakers, an 8 MP camera, and 32 GB of memory. Further to that, the model is the first mobile phone to feature a self-winding rotor, similarly to a watch, which provides the phone with energy to top the battery up.

[Affordable] luxury mobile phones

If you are feeling flash, but can’t quite afford the ludicrous prices of the most expensive phones of all time, check out this selection of ‘affordable’ luxury mobile phones:

Diamond BlackBerry 9700 Bold II Elite

Similarly to the iPhone 4S Elite Gold, the Diamond BlackBerry 9700 is designed by Stuart Hughes. The front and the edges of the phone are set with diamonds which encompass the sleek-looking stainless steel rear case. The BlackBerry, which is one of only ten to be made, can be purchased with a hand-finished wallet made of real ostrich foot. A slightly less expensive handset can also be bought, set with diamonds and rubies and a rear case made from real snakeskin.

 If you’re not a strict vegetarian, all of this can be yours for between £4,995 and £14,995.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Alternatively if you are more of an Android fan, why not take a look at this Samsung S3 Platinum and Crystal Edition. Aside from including all the usual applications and features of an ordinary Galaxy S3 such as an 8 MP camera, 1.4 GHz processor and 4.8” screen, the Platinum and Crystal Editions feature over 7000 crystals, and can also be selected in either 24 carat or 18 carat rose gold.

If it’s this Android smartphone which takes your fancy, you need to splash out a whopping £1,895. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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