Sony Xperia

The Sony Xperia smartphone range has a distinctive sleek design and the premium look of these phones is designed to give you a superior experience every time.

The Xperia series includes the Sony award-winning camera technology so you can capture the most amazing photos and videos and there are plenty of editing features on board so you can add unique touches to those special moments. Many of the impressive technological innovations used on Sony cameras has been included on the Sony Xperia cameras so you can get just as good photos on your Xperia mobile as you would on a dedicated compact digital camera.

What's the current best handset model in this family

The new Xperia Z3

the new flagship Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone

Latest Sony Xperia mobile phones

Xperia and Sony's mobile software

Sony is renowned for fantastic entertainment media and screen technology and all of these innovations are incorporated into the Sony Xperia range of smartphones and tablets. The beautifully crisp screen on an Xperia handset delivers fantastic rich colours and clarity making your favourite videos and photos look amazing on the phone or share it on your Sony TV with AllShare so everyone can enjoy the moment. Sony, as the maker of the Walkman, have a pretty impressive pedigree when it comes to music so you get fantastic functionality in the Walkman app on your Xperia smartphone so listen out loud or enjoy your favourite tunes through headphones.

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Xperia and Android OS

Sony is also well known for delivering impressive gaming with their PlayStation devices and a Sony Xperia smartphone also includes fantastic gaming with PlayStation Mobile games. Pair up a PlayStation controller to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy fantastic PlayStation and Android games on your mobile. To see other mobile phones with Android operating system go here
The many years of delivering impressive technology in the camera, TV and games console market has all been combined in the Sony Xperia range of mobile phones so you get a fantastic all-round experience whatever your passion. The distinctive design and the endless range of impressive technology packed within a Sony Xperia smartphone will delight even the most demanding smartphone user and the series has a model that caters to all budgets too.

Coming soon

Generally there are new handset releases from the Xperia series throughout the year. Yet one important one on the flagship model. 2015 bought the Z5 with a compat and also a new premium named version. Will 2016 bring a surprise, in the form of a new xperia Z6 phone?

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