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If you're after a new sim only contract this could be perfect for you. Take a look at 3G and 4G plans on the market today, on networks such as EE, O2, Vodafone, Three...

Cheap SIM Only Under £5 Per Month Deals

If you don't want to pay high prices for a new mobile phone, you can use our dedicated comparison finder to find the cheapest SIM for your needs, and buy direct from the top mobile phone retailers.

Compare iPhone Plans

iPhones are incredibly popular, but use a different sized SIM card to many other devices. Nano SIM deals are the ones you are most likely to be after if you have a newer iPhone model. You can take a look at our selection of deals here.

Once you've found the deal which is right for you, make sure to compare it with our other deals, to do that, we have an iPhone tariff plan comparison right here.

Need 4G - Deals With Super Fast Internet

4G is the fastest data connection you'll be able to find here in the UK, bringing plenty of pace to your mobile browsing. In fact, 4G is now so important, many networks offer tailored 4G SIM only deals with larger or unlimited tariffs to cater for heavy data users.

You can use our SIM only deal finder to take your pick of our 4G data tariffs, helping you get the fastest speeds possible.

With data usage at its highest ever rate, getting a SIM only deal which is packed with mobile data is more important than ever before. Whether it's for a low-end mobile phone or a flagship handset, we offer a huge selection to keep your smartphone connected to the web.

With apps, games and your mobile browsers all requiring an Internet connection, it's important that you find a deal that suits you, so if you regularly find yourself surfing the net, you might want to find a deal with 2GB of data or more. Of course, if you only occasionally make use of the Internet with your phone, anything below this might work out better.

Internet in your agreement and the lowest cost are the most popular deal features that customers searching for sim cards require, here are some top sellers

Finding the cheapest sim only offers

The costs associated with SIM only deals have dropped considerably over the past few years, with more and more networks battling it out to provide the cheapest monthly deals.

In fact, in many cases you can now find SIM only bundles for less than £5, although you might need to pay a little bit more than that each month to guarantee unlimited usage on your new deal.

Of course, regardless of the price, these deals are perfect if you buy a new SIM free handset online and decide to take out a monthly smartphone tariff elsewhere.

What size sim card do I need for my current phone?

Not all smartphones are alike in the SIM department, with many phones now taking different sized SIM cards. You can find out exactly which card you need by looking in your smartphone handbook, or by checking out its specs online.

Currently, there are three different kinds of SIM card; regular, micro and nano. These can work with a number of different devices, so make sure you get your facts right about your piece of kit before splashing the cash on a deal. Don't expect free gift options, yet cashbacks for reduced line rentals are still popular.

Finding the right deal with a price comparison

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best SIM only plans to suit you, rather than throwing the most expensive deal your way. Offering you the best deals we can find, we ensure you have the biggest selection of bargains right at your fingertips. 

Using our intuitive online guide, you can also compare contracts alongside other deals to pick the network and tariff that meet your requirements.

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The top UK networks for connection

We recognise that your tariff has to match what you use your smartphone for. If you’re constantly speaking to people over the phone, you’ll most probably need a high number of minutes, but if you’re always on the net, maybe your data needs a boost?

That’s the beauty of our SIM only deal finder: you put in your requirements, and we do the hard work of finding you the best monthly price.



Buying an EE SIM only deal is easier than ever, because of "multi SIM". This SIM type is compatible with all EE compatible mobile phones and smartphones. Just use it as it comes if you have a phone with a standard SIM slot, or pop out the micro or nano SIM if that's what your handset or tablet needs, including The iPhone.

So join the UK's fastest 4G network today.



Three also uses the multi SIM and has plans now that give 4G at no extra cost, free calls to 0800 and also many European free calls in your bundle to the UK including whilst in Spain.

Made simple, however you want to pay and what ever device you use Three has the perfect SIM card option for you.

So join the Three revolution today.



3G and 4G options with O2 Call and text over wifi, even when you don't have signal. With O2's free TU Go app, Pick a SIM tariff with the right amount of calls, texts and data to suit you.

Pick the best pay monthly SIM for your device.

So join O2 today.



Bundles to suit all with Vodafone, keep the phone you love and get great value calls, texts and data with flexible upgrade options after only 3 months, including 4G internet plans.

Pick the best pay monthly SIM for your device.

So join the Vodafone network today.

30 Day Rolling Contract

If you are waiting for a new handset to arrive on the market and you are out of contract, you have an option to wait with 30 day rolling SIM only options. This ensures you are not tied down and can get out a soon as possible, exactly when you are ready.

What tariff options are there without a phone?

SIM only plans were once nothing but an afterthought for most mobile phone shoppers, with the majority of consumers instead opting for expensive deals which included smartphones as well as their tariffs. However, since smartphones have become more and more closely matched, many fans now invest in SIM only deals to ensure that they can grab the best phones the moment they arrive, rather than waiting for their contracts to come up for renewal.

Of course, if you don't want to pay a monthly fee, you can invest in a pay as you go SIM only plan. These work by having you get the SIM from the network you want, and then topping it up with the minutes, texts and data you think you'll use. These often cost very little up front, but do need you to splash the cash if your balance dwindles.

Take at the look at contract phones for business and see the simcard options there, a great option to save money for your company.

Contract SIM only deals work differently, having users pay a monthly fee at a fixed rate for set amounts of minutes, texts and data. These can vary in length and tariff, but don't require you to manually top up the card to stay in touch with your contacts. However, if you overshoot the mark, you could end up paying more than you expect - although your network will inform you when you're going overboard.

Users with existing handsets and looking for a certain size

The main advantage of SIM only deals is that you can use them with any phone that works with your chosen network. This means that if you plan on keeping your existing smartphone, you can simply pick up a SIM only plan and cram it into your device.

Of course, if your current phone is locked to your network, you'll need to arrange to get it unlocked, something which can be done by contacting your network seperately. The SIMs themselves now will be supplied from retailers and are compatible for all sizes, meaning you don't have to worry about ensuring the card will fit your phone.

If you're unsure, you can find out how to unlock your phone here.

Also, if you have a tablet which works with mobile data, you could also invest in a SIM only deal to connect it to the internet when you're out and about, giving you a larger device to access the net with should you need it.

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Free gifts

As sim only has now become more popular the deals have been incentivised a little more and now the odd gift is seen within offers by retailers as the market becomes more competitive. Free gifts with mobile phone deals are available with a huge range covering the latest technologies.

Different sim only contract options and tariffs length even with bad credit

SIM only contracts can vary massively in their length, with many deals starting with just 30-day rolling plans for maximum flexibility. Other deals go up to 12 or even occasionally 24 months, offering lower monthly costs, but obviously tying you down to a certain network for a period of time.

We offer plenty of SIM only deals, varying in length and tariff, so regardless of what kind of plan you need, we should have you covered even contracts if you have a bad credit history.