Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Having clapped eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the first time tonight, I have been blown away by Samsung’s innovation, creativity and attention to detail. With the popularilty and success of the Samsung Galaxy S3, you wouldn’t have thought the Korean company could have done much better.

It would seem, however, that they have outdone themselves with their new flagship device for 2013. But what exactly are the differences between the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and its predecessor, the Galaxy S3?


Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S4


4.8 inch

5 inch











136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm

136x 69x 7.9mm

Looking at the general specs, there aren’t all that many changes. As you can see the screen size has grown by 0.2 inches, whilst the depth has shrunken to a measly 7.99mm, making the Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘slimmer yet stronger’.


When it comes to appearances, the Samsung Galaxy S4 hardly looks any different. As mentioned above, apart from shaving off 0.7mm from its depth in an attempt to make it ultra-thin, the newest device is hard to pick out from a crowd of Galaxy S3 devices.

It just goes to show, then, that the Korean manufacturer has chosen to enhance the phone’s features and functionality, rather than its overall design. After all, if it aint broke…


Smart Scroll

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was pretty novel in bringing us the smart screen technology whereby the device’s backlight would stay on for as long as it detected that you were looking at the screen.

However, Samsung has gone one step further with the Galaxy S4 by releasing its patented technology called Smart Scroll.

Smart Scroll essentially detects when your eyes have reached the bottom of the screen, and automatically turns the page for you. And it doesn’t end there; with Smart Pause, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will pause videos or movies that you are watching when it gauges that your eyes have wandered away from the device’s screen. When your eyes glance at the phone’s screen once again, the video begins to play again. Magic!


S-Translate, as far as the Samsung Galaxy S4 features go, is pretty self-explanatory. The in-built app essentially translates both oral and written language into your mother tongue, in order to make it simpler and much more comfortable to communicate when abroad.

What’s more, S-Translate has also been built into Samsung’s ChatOn feature, allowing its users to talk to one another despite any language barriers.  


I’ll admit that I didn’t expect this, but the Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera really blew me away.

The Galaxy S4 features a 13 MP camera in comparison with the Galaxy S3’s 8MP. This isn’t where the differences end, however, as the latest flagship device boasts a great number of cool camera features that ca transform the way you use your smartphone’s camera.

Firstly, there’s Samsung’s dual camera function. This essentially allows you to use both the rear and front cameras at the same time, whether it’s when taking still shots, recording videos, or even when making video calls. It also means that you’ll never miss out by being the designated photographer again! Now that’s something the Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t promise!

Aside from featuring various pre-production filters, like the Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also allows you to record sound alongside your photographs. This means that you are truly capturing the moment 100 per cent, by recording both the image and the audio that makes up the memory.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a Drama Shot function, which takes up to 100 shots in just 4 seconds. Whilst this form of burst photography is nothing new, in fact the Galaxy S3 has it, the Galaxy S4 allows you to view the shots in one single frame, eliminating the need to manually scroll through each image.

So there we have it; just some of the differences and improvements between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the latest release, the Samsung Galaxy S4. To find out more about the device, read our Samsung Galaxy S4 live coverage of the reveal.

What do you think about the latest Galaxy smartphone? Did you expect more obvious changes? Let us know on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Alternatively, to post a comment.  

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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