Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumours

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Galaxy Note 3 Rumours 

The Samsung Galaxy Note was a real success in the smartphone market last year; despite initial trepidation about its sizable 5.5 inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, an upgrade from the original Note, made its name as a trendsetter in the world of smartphones. It seems only natural, therefore, for an even better Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to hit the market.

With the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 well and truly revealed, the rumour mill is doing ten to a dozen, throwing out stories about Samsung’s next project, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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Release Predicted for September 27th

Now we've finally got a date in the diary for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's big reveal, rumours have surfaced suggesting that the device will be released into the market as soon as September the 27th. 

The phablet will be launched initially in Taiwan, with other markets to follow. One thing's for sure, Samsung sure know how to please!

Reveal date confirmed!

Samsung trialling 3 different screen sizes

We have heard that Samsung might be releasing four different versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but now it seems that Samsung will be trialling three varying screen sizes before the device is launched in September this year.

The latest rumour stems from a database which tracks imports and exports from India, and suggests that three different sized versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 were shipped there for research purposes: a 5.5-inch, a 5.7-inch and a 5.99-inch device.

However, if these rumours have any truth in them, Samsung seem to be cutting it fine when it comes to finalising the Note 3’s features. With the device supposedly going live at this year’s IFA in Berlin, we’re expecting the Korean company to have the Note 3 all ready for our eager eyes by then!

4 different versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

The latest rumours come just 2 months before the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is allegedly to be announced at this year's IFA in Berlin. It has been suggested that Samsung will be releasing not one, or even two, but four versions of the device, all with slight variations when it comes to specs. 

There will be a limited edition version of the Note 3, which will sport an aluminium casing and an unbreakable AMOLED display. 

Another variant of the device will reportedly feature a LED display with a plastic casing, whilst a third may sport a polycarbonate chassis with an AMOLED display.The fourth version of the phablet is said to be a budget device, and will feature a slightly inferior 8MP camera compared with the original Note 3's predicted 13MP lens. 

Whether it is likely that Samsung will release 4 different versions of the same with such similar specifications is unlikely, though as we have seen with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its many variations including the S4 Zoom, S4 Active and S4 Mini, anything is possible. 

Leaked images show Note 3?

Images published by SamMobile this week reportedly show the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in a state of near completion. 

The report confirms that the device pictured cannot be the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 because of the corners and thin bezel, though GSMArena has suggested that the leaked images are nothing but a hoax.

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Bench Mark Test show Samsung Galaxy Note 3

A benchmark test leaked by Chinese site AnTuTu allegedly shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in its develoment stages.

The test highlights a device called the GT-N7200, which we believe to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, after the Note 2 was code named the GT-N7100.

The leaked image also shows that the device will run Android version 4.3, and not Key Lime Pie.

With a score of just over 27,000 in these benchmark tests, the supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is slightly shy of the Samsung Galaxy S4's 31,000 points. However, analysts have put this down to the fact that the Note 3 is still in its development stage, which again suggests a late summer launch. 

Device spotted on Samsung Kazakhstan website

Samsung accidentally confimed our suspicions about the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 this week by listing the device on its own Kazakhstan website.

The leaked image was soon amended by the company, however, and didn't offer much of an insight into any of the Note 3's features or specifications.

Release Date

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 having been rolled out in April this year, we can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to appear a couple of months after that; some observers are speculating late Q2 or more realistically Q3 of 2013. With the new iPhone, whether it be the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, predicted to emerge in around June time, Samsung could be playing a tactical game by releasing the Galaxy Note 3 at the same time in order to compete with Apple sales.

In fact, following Samsung’s announcement that it was going to steal HTC’s limelight by releasing the Galaxy S4 the day before HTC’s One, it seems more likely than ever that the Korean manufacturer will release the Galaxy Note 3 at a similar time as the iPhone 6. Do you think Samsung is playing dirty with this tactic, or is it simply clever marketing?

Release at IFA?

Reports released today suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled at this year's IFA, the biggest consumer electronics show in Europe. The event, which will run between the 6th and the 11th of September, is said to be the destination for Samsung's grand reveal of its latest phablet. 

Rumours also suggest that Samsung will release its Samsung Tab 3 at the event.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 having been revealed at last year's IFA, it seems possible that Samsung will follow suit with the Note 3 this year. However, Samsung chose to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a private event in New York this year, rather than revealing it at a public event like CES or MWC. Therefore, would the Korean company not want to do the same for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in order to gain even more publicity?

Release at Samsung Unpacked event September 4th?

As we have grown used to in recent months, Samsung prefers to unveil new devices at its own unpacked events, and according to Android Geeks, we will be catching a glimpse of the device prior to IFA in Berlin, which kicks off on the 6th September. 

Either way, it looks like the release of the Note 3 is firmly set for the first week of September!



All of Samsung’s previous models, including the Galaxy Note 2 and S3, have featured 8 MP rear-facing cameras, as has become standard for most smartphones recently. However, with the Sony Xperia T, and the Xperia Z offering a 13 MP camera, in addition to HTC’s One flagship featuring an Ultrapixel camera, Samsung surely wouldn’t let us down by giving us another 8 MP camera.

Clues from the Samsung Galaxy S4

Everyone who is anyone was eagerly gathering around a computer screen last Thursday waiting for Samsung to unveil its flagship device for 2013, the Samsung Galaxy S4. And boy does it look good! So what can we learn from the Galaxy S4 that might give us an insight into the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause

The exciting rumours about Samsung patenting its Smart Scroll technology turned out to be true, and it seems likely that the feature, which essentially scrolls down the page when it senses that your eyes have reached the bottom of the screen, will appear on the Galaxy Note 3 as well.


In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S4 sporting a 13 MP camera, the device also boasts an array of really cool post-editing tricks to help you produce the perfect picture.

These include the capability to remove people or objects from a photo if you don’t want them there, as well as the ability to use both the front and rear cameras at the same time, meaning that you can feature in the very photo that you are taking!

The Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera also records sound when you take a still shot, meaning you can sent audio messages to accompany your photos; they say a picture says a thousand words, so why not say two thousand with a short audio clip?!


Another feature of the Galaxy S4 that we could expect to see on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the S-Health app, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. The app allows you to use your phone to keep an eye on your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugars, calorie intake and exercise activity.


The Galaxy S4’s S-Translate feature is another application that could appear on the Galaxy Note 3, and would be ideal for the travelling businessman who might own the device. Not only does the feature translate written text like many other translator apps, but it also translates audio, which could help communicating when abroad no end.

S-Voice Drive

The S-Voice Drive app that was previewed at the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch is yet another cool application that we are hoping will feature on the Galaxy Note 3. Unlike most other driving applications, Samsung’s S-Voice Drive app not only navigates you from A to B, but it also allows you to make and receive calls, texts and emails, all using your voice.

Clues from the Note 8

Rather than releasing any major ground-breaking devices at this year’s MWC, Samsung revealed its latest Note 8 tablet. I went along to the Samsung stall in an attempt to crack the code of the Galaxy Note 3.

However, when I was holding the new device, it simply looked like a blown-up version of the existing Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

That said, there are some additional features on the Note 8 that may well make their way onto the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For instance, Samsung seems to have joined the TV controller trend by introducing the Smart Remote TV controller app, similarly to HTC’s Sense TV that features on the One. Also, Samsung is said to be unveiling its HomeSync cloud, a file sharing and storage server, like the iCloud for Apple and the AcerCloud, also unveiled at MWC last week.

As you can see, looking into the Note 8 doesn’t give us much insight into what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could bring and as usual, Samsung is playing its cards close to its chest.

Hardware Specs


The original Samsung Galaxy Note has a 5.3 inch screen, and the Galaxy Note 2 a slightly larger 5.5 inch display, rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to go all out by giving us a mega 6.3 inch screen with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. Some observers are going as far as saying that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a screen that splits into 4 separate screens, with each capable of running a different application.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Smartphones

Just last week rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Mega range of smartphones were revealed, suggesting that Samsung’s next plan focuses on releasing two smartphones into the market, one with a 5.8 inch screen, and another with a slightly larger 6.3 inch display.

So where does this leave the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

There has been much confusion over whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 5.9 or a 6.3 inch screen, so is the unveiling of the Mega range of smartphones adds an entirely new level of confusion to the equation.

With the Mega phones offering dual-core 1.4GHz processors, 8 MP cameras and 1.5GB of RAM, it doesn’t seem likely that Samsung is set to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note with its Mega smartphone which only offers middle-of-the-road specs.

So why release the Mega range at all?

It would seem that Samsung is more interested in filling in all the gaps in the market by offering a different handset in each possible screen size. However, if this is the route that Samsung is taking, it would suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s screen will measure somewhere in the void between the 5.8 and 6.3 inch Mega smartphones. 

In fact, leaked images from Chinese site,, show a device, allegedly the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 next to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which sports a 5.99 inch screen. OK so it might only be 0.09" bigger than the initial, 5.9" rumours, but in the world of smartphones, size matters. 

However, tipster @evleaks has contradicted earlier reports by suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be going smaller than expected, sporting a 5.7-inch screen. @Evleaks usually has it spot on when it comes to rumours, but will they have got it right this time?

Flexible Screen?

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen have now spread to the, somewhat unbelievable, suggestions of it featuring a flexible screen. 

We saw Samsung previewing its flexible smartphone screen technology at this year's CES in Las Vegas, so we know that a device featuring such a screen is in the pipeline. But how likely is it that Samsung will choose to release its high profile, top-end Galaxy Note 3 with such infant technology? 

This latest rumour sound, to me, like more of a wish than a realistic feature that will appear on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We can imagine that Samsung will choose to debut its flexible screen technology on a less hotly anticipated device, so as to avoid criticism about the Note 3 being gimmicky. And after all, if Samsung incorporate all of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as a flexible screen, what else can the Korean manufacturer conjure out of the hat for next year's releases?


The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumours suggest that we could see the fastest phablet on the market with the release of the device in Q3 of this year.

With Samsung's Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung-built Nexus 11 both taking a step up when it comes to processor speeds, Samsung insiders have hinted that we could well see an Exynos 5 eight-core processor in the new Note 3 device, making it not only one of the fast phablets, but one of the fastest devices, on the market.

Also, there have been suggestions that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy Note 3 as it did with the Galaxy S4; one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and the another with a Samsung Exynos 5420 processor. 


Aluminium body?

With the early success of the HTC One, rumours are spreading that Samsung is planning to drop its until now prosperous tactic of  mimicking the designs of previous models, in favour of recreating the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s look and feel.

Handsets such as the HTC One and iPhone 5 have become increasingly popular because of their high-quality aluminium build, and leaks from SamMobile suggest that Samsung’s next Note release will also follow this trend.

Rumours state that while Samsung has in the past decided to model the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Samsung Galaxy S3, this will not be the case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And while aluminium was not named as the desired material for the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, it would seem that it would be the only road to go down for Samsung to guarantee the Note 3’s popularity.  

Leaked images show the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

On the other hand, leaked images have this week appeared which contradict this suggestion. 

The pictures, which have appeared on notorious spoiler site @evleaks, allegedly shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in all its rather square and boxy glory. 

However, soon after the image was released, insider site, SamMobile, declared that it was in fact a fake, insisting that the handset shown is actually of another device entirely. 

Are you pleased that the leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are fake? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or below to post a comment.


With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 allegedly sporting a larger screen capable of running multiple features at once, users are expecting a larger battery. Some are suggesting that the Galaxy Note 3’s battery life will be increased by 24 hours, from one and a half days with the existing Galaxy Note 2, to two and a half days with the Galaxy Note 3. In terms of the technical detail, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumoured to feature a 4000 mAh battery, compared with the Galaxy Note 2’s 3100 mAh one, making it superior to many other smartphones on the market.

Other rumours suggest that Samsung is jumping on the wireless charger bandwagon, so this is also something that we can expect to see with the Galaxy Note 3. Do you think wireless charging is the next big thing, or are manufacturers barking up the wrong tree offering wireless charging where we don’t need it?

Operating System

Samsung’s recent releases have all features Google’s most up-to-date version of Android. However, it is said that Google is set to release its newest update, Android 5.0, in around March this year, which means that while the S4 might miss out, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is sure to have a slice of Google’s Key Lime Pie.


Although it's never easy to speculate the price of a new handset, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be found for £479.99 SIM-free.

However, bearing in mind that this device is nearing a year old, we can expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being sold at around the £550 mark, in line with the Galaxy S4's  £559 price tag.

So there we have it: just a few initial thoughts about the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As soon as the much anticipated S4 is released, we can expect Samsung to reveal more details about their up and coming phablet which we hope will hit the market before Q4 of this year.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel