HP Elite x3 review

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The power of a PC in the palm of your hand

The HP Elite x3 gives three experiences, on one device that is every device. Most likely to be attractive to professionals, the three experiences are:

  • x1 - Smartphone connectivity
  • x2 - Tablet portability with the (optional) HP Lap Dock
  • x3 - PC power and productivity with any monitor, keyboard and mouse

We will take a more detailed look at the secure device dock and what it offers in the HP Elite x3 features’ section of this review.

The HP Elite x3 will be priced at over £700 SIM free, so a two year contract would seem to be the most sensible way to get hold of this device. For comparison, the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, which offers similar functionality and specs, is now priced at just over £300 SIM free or from £16 per month on a two year contract.

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The device choice is as always yours, but the pricing alone is likely to funnel most consumers towards the Microsoft device.