P2i Demo: Waterproof Technology for your mobile phone

P2i Demo: waterproof technology for your phone

According to reports, at least 1 in 5 people have dropped their mobile phone down the toilet, with most insurance companies being reluctant to pay out for replacements and repairs.

At MWC last week, Mobilephones.com got the opportunity to explore the newest ways in which manufacturers are attempting to waterproof their devices, in order to avoid numerous replacements being sent out under the phone’s warranty.

P2i was showcasing two developments at this year’s MWC. The first, called SplashProof, applies a hydrophobic nano-coating to the circuit board of a device, which means that instead of spilling into the crevices of the phone, the water molecules are attracted to themselves and simply roll off the surface.    


What makes this SplashProof technology unique is that it is not a physical barrier from water, which some manufacturers such as Sony have opted for, which makes it easier than ever to be applied to any mobile phone, as it doesn’t have to be built specifically to accompany this waterproof technology.

In fact, Motorola and Alcatel have both already adopted P2i’s waterproof coating, applying it to tens of millions of smartphone devices throughout the world.

The second development that P2i was showcasing in Barcelona is called Dunkable. Dunkable essentially just goes one step further than SplashProof in that it creates an invisible hydrophobic barrier which completely covers the phone inside and out, ensuring that if the device is, as the name denotes, dunked, into a bowlful of water, it will function perfectly until the battery runs out and requires recharging!

The company is in talks with other phone manufacturers in order to get the Dunkable development technology applied to even more smartphones. Do you think P2i’s coating should be used on all mobile devices? Let us know what you think by Tweeting us @Mobilephonescom, or adding us on Google+ or Twitter.

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel

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