ZTE to Collaborate with Mozilla to Launch a Firefox Operated Device

ZTE to collaborate with Mozilla to launch a Firefox operated device

Chinese electronics manufacturer, ZTE, is rumoured to be releasing the first mobile phone powered by the much anticipated Firefox operating system (OS) this year.

You may be more familiar with Mozilla’s Firefox as an internet browser on your laptop, but now the corporation is trying to move onwards and upwards into the world of mobile phones and tablets.

 Firefox is also reported to become the operating system employed by another Chinese phone manufacturer, TCL, which is known for delivering the Alcatel One Touch brand of phones.

It was announced that the two companies would collaborate their talents in September last 2012. However, the new ZTE model operated by Firefox won’t become available in Europe until the end of this year, though if successful, a US version may be released soon after. Reports suggest that the device will be targeting the entry-level smartphone market, competing alongside the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and the HTC One V.

This collaboration is yet another setback to Google, the company behind all Android smartphones, which currently runs over 90 per cent of ZTE’s smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer, however, has claimed that they do not want to place all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. And they are not alone. Just last year Microsoft launched its latest version of its Windows Phone OS, which has proven to be a hit thus far. Samsung has also delivered a blow to Google after leaking details of its new model powered by the Tizen OS, and just last week the software company Canonical announced that its OS, Ubuntu, is ready to run on smartphones.  Despite this increase in alternative OS that are emerging, it is clear that overpowering Android will be an uphill battle.

The question on all our lips though is: will the Firefox OS prevail?