Sony Xperia Z4 Rumours

Xperia Z4 Rumours

Sticking to its six month product cycle (we hope!), Sony is set to unveil the next smartphone from its Xperia Z line-up, this time being the Z4.

But what news can we gather about Sony’s next handset ahead of its release? Lucky for you, we’ve decided to bring all of the rumoured details about the device here for you to see! So if you’re looking at investing in a new smartphone sometime soon, why not consider waiting for the Xperia Z4?

The Sony Xperia Z4 has been officially launched, showing off a similar design alongside brand new specs. Take a look at the Sony Xperia Z4 here!

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Xperia Z4 Design

Can we expect to see an improvement on the Xperia Z3's design?

Sony is widely expected to keep the ‘omni-balance’ style shown throughout the Xperia Z product line with the Z4. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, especially considering the inherent success that’s surrounded the look and feel of the handset since the release of the Z back in 2013.

There are a couple of rumoured alterations from the Z3 we can expect to see on the Z4 however, one of which being the possibility of a larger screen. Some rumours claim that Sony could opt for a 5.5” display, whilst others say that it could in fact stay at 5.2”.

Also, the flaps which cover many of the ports along the edge of the device are expected to get booted off the handset. Apparently this won’t be affecting the water protection within the device, we aren’t entirely sure how, but seeing as its one of the staple features of the Z line-up, it would be a surprise to see it go.

A slimmer build and decreased bezels on the front side of the device are also being rumoured for the Z4, making it one of the best looking smartphones ever made.


After Sony's hacking fiasco, we were given access to some fairly confidential details about the upcoming Z4, with a blurry advertising image of the smartphone giving us a glimpse of its proposed design.

Could this be the Z4 we'll see at MWC?

The leak also stated that the company is pushing to have the phone featured in the next James Bond film, named Spectre.

It wouldn't be the first time a Sony smartphone featured in the long running movie series, with Daniel Craig having sported the device before now, but it would still be some great publicity for the flagship handset.

Recent leaks have also shown off the design of the Z4, with this latest showing a purple design for the Xperia handset.

The picture isn't the best however, so it could quite easily prove to be fake, but it's still something to work from.

Is this the Xperia Z4?


More live shots of the Z4 have since made headlines, pretty much confirming the device's design ahead of its launch, some of which you can see below:

What do you make of these Z4 leaks?

As you can see, the Z4 looks like it's ready to hit the market, but there is a chance these pictures could be fake (even though they look pretty legit).

Do you like what you see?

These other live shots give a great view of both the front and back sides of the handset, both of which sport an obvious resemblance to the Xperia Z3.

Is the Z4 design looking good to you?

On top of these live photos, we've also seen a couple of press renders also make some waves online, giving further evidence of an imminent launch.

Press images tend to be a bit easier to fake, so these should also be questioned. However, they look like they could be the real deal - and match the designs shown above as well.

Will the Xperia Z4 be a hit?

Do you like the look of the Xperia Z4?

Z4 Display

As mentioned before, there are conflicting rumours surrounding the size of the Xperia Z4’s display, but one thing which is widely accepted is the inclusion of QHD resolution.

Whilst there’s no evidence to back this up yet, it seems like a no-brainer, especially if Sony wants to keep up with the likes of the Nexus 6 or LG G3.

As we get more information about the alleged size of the screen, it’s likely that we’ll also get details about resolution, so we’re going to have to wait and see about this area of the handset.


The Xperia Z4 was Benchmarked recently (a process which essentially reveals all of the phones specs), giving us plenty of details about the Z4's display.

According to the data, we'll be given a 5.1" 1080p display, which is essentially the same as the other Xperia Z handsets we've seen recently, so no surprises here!

Sony Xperia Z4 Specs

One issue Sony has faced with its bi-yearly smartphone release of the Xperia Z franchise is making newer handsets notably better than their predecessors.

This time around though, rumour has it that the specs could see a fairly healthy boost, making for a marked improvement over the Z3.

An octa-core 2.8GHz processor is the first upgrade, whilst the 3GB RAM from the Z3 is expected to grow by 33% to 4GB.

Sony’s minimum storage option is also set to grow from 16GB to 32GB which is a nice touch, but with Micro SD support, it’s not like this growth will mean a whole lot to sales of the device.

Also, in keeping with Samsung’s latest handsets, LTE Advanced is rumoured to feature on the Z4, meaning that it can download data at a whopping 300mbps and utilise the 4G+ service recently unveiled by EE.

What are your thoughts on the rumoured specs of the Z4?

If you're a music buff, you'll be happy to hear that Sony's Walkman music technology will also be improving with the Z4, offering some top notch audio quality to go along with its already powerful spec sheet.

Also, rumour has it that dual-sim functionality could be included with the Sony handset, making it just the second flagship from the company to do so, the first being the Z3 Dual model.


The Benchmark test we mentioned earlier has also confirmed a number of other specs along with the display.

As previously thought, a Snapdragon 810 chipset is included behind the scenes, whilst and octa-core 1.9GHz processor also makes the cut.

This is backed by 3GB RAM, 32GB expandable storage and an Adreno 430 GPU, all of which meet many of the expected specs that were previously rumoured.

Sony Xperia Camera

One area which has been pretty stable since the Z1 handset is the camera. Sony is set to stick with the 20.7 megapixel lens, but could make some improvements on other areas of the module.

One rumour suggests that a curved rear sensor could prove a difference maker on the Z4, making for a better image quality than that on the Z3, which was already pretty amazing.

Sony is also sure to bring in a few more software improvements, making the camera better than ever.


A sample shot which is reportedly from the Xperia Z4 has surfaced recently, and whilst there's no way to confirm that it actually came from the Z4, it does look like it could be on the mark.

Of course, there's little to tell off just a single picture, but the quality seems to be good, although it's not a massive improvement over the Z3.

What's your take on this shot from the Xperia Z4?

Z4 Ultra

Rumours have also suggested that we could actually be given another smartphone alongside the Z4, this one being a larger phablet style handset called the Z4 Ultra.

This would be the obvious follow up to the original Xperia Z Ultra, and would sport a decent set of specs itself.

Possibly boasting a 5.9" display, the Z4 Ultra would also come in at less than 6mm thin as well, making it an incredibly nimble phablet.

In terms of internal specs, the same 4GB RAM from the Z4 could be included alongside an identical Snapdragon processor.

It would cost a bit more than the Z4 though thanks to the larger display, but could well be released in tandem with the flagship device.

What do you think of rumours surrounding the Z4 Ultra?

Sony Xperia Z4 Release Date and Price

Sticking to its six month product cycle, it’s safe to assume that the Z4 will be making an appearance at either CES in January or MWC in early March. Sony has got an event scheduled during CES, which is based in Las Vegas, but this could be related to almost any form of technology, so nothing is set in stone just yet.


Having missed MWC and CES, there was talk of the Xperia Z4 being shelved, but it seems that Sony is simply looking at releasing it later than usual.

Whilst there's no confirmed release date yet, we don't think it will be too much longer until the Z4 finally makes an appearance, but you'll have to wait and see until then.

In terms of price, we’re completely in the dark for now. Relating back to the Z3’s launch, we can expect the Z4 to be fairly pricey, maybe costing up to £550 sim-free. Of course, details will be revealed by Sony during its launch, so it’s pointless writing up a cheque just yet.

All of the best pay monthly, PAYG and SIM free deals for the Z4 will be here as soon as the Xperia Z4 is launched.

UPDATE: 26/08/2015

Maybe the Z5 will get  expanded release to the UK

Looks like after the UK not getting the Z4 that we may be lucky enough to get a UK release of the Z5.

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Written by Luke Hatfield