Sony Xperia Z3+ Launched


Sony has quietly let its latest flagship smartphone loose on the world, with the Xperia Z3+ launching globally this week.

The long awaited follow up to the Xperia Z3, you can think of the Z3+ as more of an evolved version of the device rather than a full-on successor, but it still offers a good upgrade option for Sony smartphone fans.

Is it time to ditch the Z3?

Whilst the Xperia Z3+ might not look a whole lot different to the Z3, there are a few notable differences which should sway you in its favour when comparing the two.

Say hi to the Sony Xperia Z3+

On the design front there’s been a slimming diet for the new Sony phone, cutting down to just 6.9mm thin, which is a fraction of an inch thinner than the Z3. On top of this, the flap which was previously on top of the Micro USB has been removed – but the phone itself keeps its IP68 rating.

The spec sheet sees a number of changes as well, despite the very same 5.2” TRILUMINOS 1080p display fronting things.

The main change comes with the chipset, which ups from the Snapdragon 801 effort from the Z3 to the latest Snapdragon 810, which is also showcased on many other recent flagship smartphones. The internal memory option has also grown from the 16GB minimum option to 32GB, with the additional slot for a MicroSD Card also included.

3GB RAM makes the cut once again, whilst the battery does take a slight drop to 2930mAh, although Sony is promising a two-day battery life, probably thanks to the more efficient chipset.

The same Sony camera!

It’s become pretty common practice to see the very same camera on every Xperia Z handset we get, and it’s no different with the Z3+, with the 20.7 megapixel lens once again making an appearance.

There is a bit of a change on the front side however, with the Z3’s 2.2mp effort doubling in power to 5 megapixels. There’s still no front flash, but this is by far one of the better front facers we’ve seen from an Xperia Z model.

Sony has crammed in all of the camera apps you know and love, with favourites like AR Effect and Timeshift Burst obvious inclusions.

What do you make of the Xperia Z3+?

As you’d expect, picture quality is up there amongst the best you’ll see from any flagship phone on the market – even competing with the likes of the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge.

When can I buy the Xperia Z3+?

Sony has managed to keep the Z3+ quite quiet ahead of this weeks’ launch, and it’s done the same with its release date, which is penned for some time next month (June).

Pricing details are still up in the air, but you can expect it to make a fairly hefty dent in your bank balance to say the least.

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Written by Luke Hatfield