Sony X and XA Pre-Orders to Include Gifts

Xperia X

It seems that anybody who decides to pre-order the latest batch of Sony smartphones could be in for a good surprise – with the Japanese company promising to offer exclusive gifts with pre-ordered devices.

Sony confirmed the move via email to fans who had registered their interest in the new Sony Xperia X and XA handsets – although it didn’t pinpoint just what the gifts could be.

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We’re getting a gift from Sony

Sony is releasing the Xperia X and XA in the very near future, and to further entice undecided fans Sony will be providing a mystery gift to those who pre-order the handsets, if your in mid contract you can get a 30 day rolling sim card deal.

The problem most fans seem to be having is that they have no idea whatsoever what the gift will be. Some fans are expecting it to be some sort of extra accessory that will work with the X and XA, possibly being some kind of case that is specifically designed for the phones.

However, it will struggle to hit the heights that Samsung managed this year, with the South Korean company shipping free VR headsets with pre-orders of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

We’ll simply have to wait and see to find out what Sony will be offering up for us.

You'll get a freebie if you pre-order the Xperia X

Smartphones with free gifts

Bad News For X Performance Fans

What’s surprising is that smartphone shoppers who are interested in the most expensive device of Sony’s new trio won’t be getting any special treatment – with gifts only on offer to X and Xperia XA shoppers.

If there’s enough of an uproar this could change, but for now it seems that Sony is happy to offer the deal to two thirds of their interested customer base.

This could also be because the X Performance might not need the extra gift that comes with the X and XA, but until we get details about the deal we can only speculate.

Update: Ten new phones are released in the UK this May.

So, will you be splashing the cash on a new Sony smartphone now that you know you’ll be getting a free gift with them? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield