World's Thinnest Smartphone Revealed

KAZAM Tornado

Little known smartphone manufacturer KAZAM today revealed what it’s touting as the world’s thinnest mobile phone, which is set to hit UK stores this November.

The Tornado 348 as it’s been named, sports an astonishingly thin 5.15mm build, made possible by its aluminium-magnesium alloy construction.

KAZAM Tornado Design

On the front of it, you’d be easily tricked into thinking that the Tornado is some sort of iPhone 6 mock-up, boasting an extraordinarily similar design.

Its smooth, curved edges offer a classy look, whilst its metallic edge look throws numerous comparisons with Apple’s latest device.

What's your take on the KAZAM Tornado 348?

The back of the handset is a bit more minimalist than the iPhone 6 however, sporting only the camera lens, flash and logo.

It isn’t just a good looking piece of kit either, with KAZAM throwing in some reputable specs to match its beauty.

A 4.8” HD AMOLED display offers a sharp and distinctive look, with its Gorilla Glass material offering scratch and shatter resistance for the super-thin device.

Behind the display we also get a good set of specs to play with as well, with a MediaTek octa-core processor taking precedent alongside a 2,050mAh battery.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat is the ringleader on the software front, giving Tornado users access to many of the latest features brought in with Google’s hugely popular OS, with the possibility of updating to Android L in the not so distant future.

Available in black or white, the KAZAM Tornado 348 will be up for grabs in mid-November across Europe.

One extra service being offered with the Tornado device is KAZAM’s screen replacement policy, which ensures that if your screen is cracked or otherwise hindered, that it will be replaced free of charge as long as it’s within its first year of warranty.

Whilst this is just a one-time policy, it will still be seen as a great marketing plan by KAZAM, as this issue is one of the main causes of concern with our ever growing touch screen needs.

Is the Tornado the thinnest phone you've ever seen?

Tornado 348 Price

The handset will be up for grabs for just £249 sim free direct from KAZAM on release, with details about possible contract deals still up in the air for now.

KAZAM is a UK based smartphone manufacturer run by former employees from some of Asia’s bigger companies like HTC, and has released nine previous phones.

The Tornado is sure to be its biggest release to date, mainly thanks to its almost ridiculously thin design and great looking design.

If it proves a hit here in the UK and Europe, there’s no stopping it venturing into other markets including the US and Asia.

If it does do well, it looks like KAZAM could become a well-known name on the technology market before too long, especially if it continues to push the boundaries of smartphone design like it has here

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Written by Luke Hatfield