Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Reversible Phone Revealed


Whilst big name manufacturers have had an exciting few days at MWC, some of the lesser-known companies have had some fun as well – with Alcatel being proof of that point.

Revealing the world’s first ‘reversible’ phone, Alcatel has wowed the crowds, despite not filling its handset with over the top specs.

The First Reversible Smartphone

What do you make of the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3?

By reversible, Alcatel means that its OneTouch Idol 3 device can be used either way up during phone calls – with a microphone and speaker on either end of the handset.

This essentially solves the problem of users mixing up which way is up for their smartphones - a problem which has become more common with the development of minimalistic designs and increased touch screen sizes.

This makes the OneTouch Idol 3 a very interesting handset to say the least, albeit one which doesn’t really pull out all of the stops with its spec sheet.

Alcatel OneTouch Specs

Sporting two different variants, the OneTouch Idol 3 comes in a 5.5” or 4.7” flavour, depending on what size smartphone you’d prefer – with specs also differing between the two.

The larger 5.5” device sports a full HD 1080p screen, with a Snapdragon 615 chipset and 64-bit octa-core processor handling all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

2GB RAM along with 16GB or 32GB internal storage is also coming along for the ride on the new Alcatel built device, giving you more than enough memory to play with.

Finally, with a 2910mAh battery and 13megapixel rear based camera included, the Idol 3 is looking like a great mid-range device. Its front based lens is also a decent addition as well, rocking 8 megapixels for all the selfie addicts out there.

Is the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 worth the money?

The smaller version of the OneTouch device rocks a 4.7” display with 720p resolution, whilst a less powerful Snapdragon 410 chipset is included as well.

A 1.2GHz quad-core processor again takes a step down from the larger device, whilst a smaller 2000mAh battery and 5 megapixel front lens are brought in. The 13 megapixel rear camera does stay put however, ensuring that all’s not lost on the smaller handset.

OneTouch Idol 3 Price and Release Date

After being unveiled at MWC, Alcatel won’t be taking very long to bring both devices onto the market, especially seeing the buzz around both of them.

Expect to see both devices hitting the market in the spring, with pricing details already being revealed.

The larger 5.5” model is obviously more expensive than the smaller device, costing €250 or £180 sim-free. If you want to make a saving, then you’ll find the 4.7” device pricing up at €200 or £145, but obviously with cut down specs.

Of course, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all of the latest news surrounding these mid-range devices, so make sure to keep your eye out for more information!

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Written by Luke Hatfield