Your iPhone Could Be Getting Wireless Charging Soon

iPhone 7 concept

Apple is said to be working on wireless charging for the iPhone and iPad. The technology is expected to be fully developed by 2017, which means we will have to wait for the iPhone 7s to be able to enjoy it.

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No more charging plate

Apple Watch charging dock

The Apple Watch already boasts wire-free charging. However, it uses inductive charging – the Watch needs to be touching the charging plate for it to connect.

Competitors like Samsung and Sony also offer wireless charging with mats, but power is often lost once the phone is a few centimetres away from the mat.

Report highlights need for battery charging reeducation

Apple is hoping to be rid of the plate by the time the next generation of iPhones comes out, allowing users to charge their phones from a much further distance from the charging station.

Near-field magnetic resonance

iPhone battery life

Back in 2010, Apple filed a patent application for a new technology known as near-field magnetic resonance.

However, this technique hasn't proven to be too efficient so far – power gets lost over the 1m distance and batteries end up taking forever to charge.

Another patent application involved turning an iMac into a wireless charging hub, so we might expect to see a smaller, standalone version of this.

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iPhone 7 Rumours

So what does this mean for the iPhone 7, which should be coming out in September of this year if Apple follow their usual schedule?

So many rumours have been flying around – including the possibility of wireless charging – but it's highly unlikely Apple will roll out the technology until it is fully developed.

We might have to wait for the iPhone 7s (or whatever the 7's successor will be named) to enjoy using our phones as they charge without being tied down to a power socket!

iPhone 7 news

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