Windows Voice Assistant Shown Off in Video

Cortana Windows Phone

Great news for Windows Phone lovers, ‘Cortana’, Microsoft’s answer for Siri has been leaked in a video which is now making its rounds over the web.

The only bad news we have is that you don’t actually get to hear the assistant speak, leaving anxious gamers still hanging on to the hope that it will be voiced by the same Cortana based on the popular Microsoft game series Halo.

The video gives a brief rundown of the capabilities of the assistant, which asks to know more about the user, requesting a Microsoft account to login with along with a series of other questions.

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The feature also asks for you to enter your name, or whatever you would like to be called by the phone.

Whilst the video does look legitimate enough, we still don’t have a full confirmation from Windows saying that this will be the ‘Cortana’ interface.

Apparently you can access the voice assistant feature through either a live tile on the home screen, or by simply holding down the Bing search button at the bottom of the handset.

This is just some more of the exciting Windows Phone news we've been hearing this year, with reports of a Samsung handset working the system also being talked about.

More information about the upcoming Windows Phone update will be sure to become more and more frequent as its imminent release draws closer.

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Written by Luke Hatfield