Windows Phone users will get BBC iPlayer app

Windows Phones users will get BBC iPlayer app

It’s hardly a secret that the Windows Phone OS offers far fewer apps than the Android and Apple app stores do, which is a considerable factor in dissuading people to opt for a Windows Phone over other devices.

However, the BBC has announced today that its catch up service, BBC iPlayer, will appear in the Windows Phone app store soon, in an attempt to make the Windows Phone OS more attractive to existing and prospective users.

However, with the BlackBerry 10 OS launched in January this year, Microsoft is not alone in trying to catch up with the superior Android and Apple app stores. In fact, news that BlackBerry secured the BBC iPlayer app for its new devices shocked Nokia and Microsoft alike, urging them to increase their efforts in stocking up the Windows app store.

Ben Wood, director of research at CCS Insight, told the BBC that: “The success or failure of mobile platforms is predicated by the apps and services they support”.

Although the Windows Phone app store currently houses around 130,000 apps, this is still a fair way behind Android and Apple, who claim their stores offer in excess of 700,000 apps.

Furthermore, the app store on Windows Phones, which includes the Nokia Lumia range, still fails to offer some of the most notable apps, including Instagram, Dropbox and games such as Temple Run.

If the success of Microsoft’s mobile OS relies heavily on its app store, it looks like the Windows Phone still has a lot of work to do before it can really compete with the big guns of Android and Apple. Do you think the Windows Phone will be a success? Let us know by Tweeting us @Mobilephonescom, or by following us on Google+.  

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel