Windows Phone Shows Strong Shipment Growth in last Quarter

Nokia Lumia smartphones

The smartphone OS race has long had only two main competitors with the two front runners Android and iOS competing for top spot. Now it looks like Windows Phone is gaining some ground on the top runners by showing the most growth in shipments in this quarter compared to the top two.

Windows Phone

Many eyebrows were raised when Nokia decided to put all its eggs in the Windows Phone basket but now it seems that the Finnish manufacturer may have been on to something.

The figures for the last quarter show a massive 77.6% increase in Windows Phone shipments when compared to the same time last year. This translates from 4.9 million units shipped last year to 8.7 million in the last three months which puts them slightly ahead of Android when compared to that operating systems growth during the same periods.

Android Phone

Android still saw impressive growth with a 73.5% increase when compared to last year’s figures and this equates to a massive 187.4 million Android phones shipped in the last quarter. So when comparing the actual numbers of units shipped Android is still very much ahead of Windows Phone, although these impressive figures are shared amongst many manufacturers such as Samsung with their S4. Nokia however took the lion’s share of the 8.7 million Windows Phone shipped with 81.6 % of these shipments being a Nokia Lumia phone.


With Android and Windows Phone seeing massive increase the other contenders had to take a hit and one of them was Apple's iOS which fell to 13.2% of the overall shipments in the last quarter. Although Apple has seen fading sales figures these usually balance out with the release of a new handset, so the figures are expected to bounce back when the next iPhone is launched.

BlackBerry continued to see diminishing shipments with their devices capturing only 2.9% of the overall total for the last quarter, so they will be hoping for a better number in the next few months.

So Android has an impressive lead on iOS keeping these two very much at the top of market and Windows Phone, whilst making impressive progress, still has a long way to go before it threatens to take one of the two top spots but the improvement in uptake and Nokia heavily invested in the OS the future looks good for Windows Phone.

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Written by: Carmel Brown