Windows 10 Goes Official

Windows 10

Microsoft has finally given us a real-life glimpse of its next highly anticipated operating system, promising us a unified experience across all platforms for added user-friendliness.

Windows 10 Mobile free upgrade deadline 

Microsoft hosted a live event yesterday (Wednesday 21st January) to show us the software and it didn’t disappoint, giving us all sorts of goodies to drool over.

Windows 10 Mobile OS

Will Windows 10 be the definitive mobile experience?

Obviously the most important part of the event for smartphone fans, Windows gave the world its first look at its next mobile operating system during the show.

Offering a unified experience for larger and smaller devices, there will be next to no difference between Windows 10 on a tablet and a smartphone thanks to the update.

Each version of the system will be tailored to its device’s size, so you won’t have any problems with your home screen being too big or too small for your display.

User interfaces are the main feature being shared from one device to another, so once you’re familiar with an app on your phone; it will be identically built on your tablet.

Apps will also be easier to develop, as they will be workable on every Windows 10 based device, including your PC and Xbox.

One thing definitely sticking around for another go is the Live Tile display, which proved a fan favourite from the previous version of the software.

Universal Microsoft Apps

Microsoft is further backing the software by including plenty of Office apps for us to play with, which work as well as they do on your average PC, letting you handle word processing and presentation building amongst other things.

Do you think having unified apps is a good idea for Windows 10?

Maps is also getting a bit of an overhaul, allowing you to look up directions on your PC for example, and then load up the same directions with your smartphone.

Similarly, photos will be covered by all of your devices, with duplicates and burst shots stored practically to avoid cluttering.

Also, messages will also be getting a central hub, where they all gather in one place, meaning your text messages and skype notifications can be responded to quickly and easily. Other apps will be able to support this but will need to put in an update to manage it.

Other changes include an improved ‘People’ app, more Cortana integration, and an update to Outlook to make for quick email replies.

Windows 10 Details

It’s not just a mobile operating system coming from Microsoft however, with the much-needed desktop version of the software also being revealed alongside it.

Also, the company took the time to show off a raft of new features for the likes of the Xbox One and other Windows based systems, and capped the show off with its own VR headset called the HoloLens.

It's not all about the nest smartphone operating system, you know?

The Windows 10 mobile OS will be offering free upgrades from Windows 8.1 handsets, but a full list of devices is yet to be confirmed, with only the Lumia 1520 fully guaranteed for the update as of yet.

The software will be hitting preview handsets this February, with a full rollout dependant on its trial performance, estimates are still all over the place about a commercial release date, but it should be coming sometime this year.

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Written by Luke Hatfield