Windows 10 Mobile Images Leaked

Windows Phone 10

The follow up to Microsoft’s surprisingly user friendly mobile operating system has apparently been leaked this week, just days before an announcement is due.

The operating system will be known as Windows 10 and will work on multiple platforms to give each device made by Microsoft a very similar feel.

The pictures, as you can see below, show off a very simple look which emulates the live tile design of the previous mobile version.

Whilst the text is obviously all in Chinese, it does give us a look at the settings menu, which has seen a change, and also a more transparent look on the main page.

The pictures also appear to give evidence of the existence of a Start panel, much like that on your PCs or laptops, whilst Office software is also included.

The overall design of the update isn’t all that different from Windows Phone 8.1, but does seem to be slightly more fluid and easier to use, something which definitely won’t be frowned upon when it’s released.

What do you think of Microsoft's new design for Windows 10?

Moving on from Windows 8.1

Microsoft has seen plenty of success with its mobile software since the release of Windows Phone 8.

Not only did it introduce the Live Tile design, which gives users access to notifications without opening the app itself, but it also gave us the likes of its very own voice assistant called Cortana.

Cortana acts very much like Siri or Google Now in theory, but in practice has proven more effective than both other features, and also has a link to Microsoft’s long running game franchise, Halo.

The system has improved massively since its first instalment, and has fought through issues which some believed would make the software less friendly, like a lack of apps.

Now though, Windows Phone has settled as the third most well-known mobile OS, sat only behind Android and iOS.

Obviously, with this latest update, Microsoft will be hoping to build up a following so that it can challenge for the top spot in years to come.

The Windows settings menu reveals that there will be a Start menu (see translated picture on right)

Windows 10 Launch

Whilst these pictures are here, there’s no legitimate proof that they are the real deal, so they could turn out to be fakes. Of course, there’s no reason to believe that they aren’t kosher, so we’re expecting to see something similar when the system is launched.

Microsoft does have a scheduled announcement for the 21st of January, so in just two days’ time we should have official confirmation as to whether this is the Windows 10 operating system we’ll actually be getting.

Details about release date and a product list for the software should be revealed at the event, so for now we’ll simply have to wait and see what the manufacturer says before making any assumptions about the update.

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Written by Luke Hatfield