Will Google release a smartwatch to rival the Samsung Galaxy Gear?

Will Google release a smart watch to rival the Samsung Galaxy Gear?

We’ve seen Google Glass, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and multiple sports trackers hit our shelves already this year, and just in case you thought the wearable technology trend wasn’t big enough, rumour has is that Google will release its own smart watch this month.

The Google Gem will apparently be revealed on the 31st October, alongside Google’s latest Android Kit Kat update.

Although no specs or functions have been confirmed, it is expected that a Google smartwatch will be focussed around Google Now, and will allow users to access text messages, call information and apps via a link to their smartphone.

The Galaxy Gear was launched by Samsung in September, and thus far has received a mixed response from critics, namely because it can be used only with limited Samsung handsets at present. Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether the Google Gem will allow users to link any Android smartphone to the device.

There have been many rumours about Motorola’s input on a Google smart watch, but our guess is that any wearable tech released by the internet giant will totally Google-branded. I’m sure we will spot many more rumours cropping up over the next few weeks, but as the 31st October isn’t that far away, we can afford to wait and see.

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