Will Apple launch an iPhone Mini?

Will Apple launch an iPhone Mini?

2012 marked the year that Samsung emerged as Apple’s biggest rival, but as the New Year unfolds, how will the American super-giant fight off stiff competition from the Korean company’s various new releases?

Observers have speculated that an iPhone Mini is where Apple’s next move will be; a smaller, and more importantly cheaper, model which will make the iPhone more accessible to buyers who find the existing handsets too expensive. Currently, an iPhone 5 costs £529, whilst the slightly older iPhone 4S retails at £449. The very fact that the iPhone 4S ranks higher in sales tables than the newer, more up-to-date model surely lies in the difference in cost.

Samsung released its Galaxy S3 Mini in November last year in an attempt to extend its market share amongst users requiring a smaller, cheaper handset that still shared the majority of the features as the popular Galaxy S3. But will Apple really follow suit?

Strategy Analytics analyst, Neil Mawston, told CNET that he thinks the iPhone mini is on the cards for 2014 rather than this year, as Apple is currently still profiting from sales of its iPhone 5. Mawston went on to say that next year the US manufacturer may find itself needing to explore other avenues to keep up with Samsung’s growing dominance.

The chance of Apple launching an iPhone Mini is still quite unlikely, however. Apple have traditionally only released one iPhone model per year, usually in the Autumn, and has thus far avoided multiple releases that has proved successful for most other mobile phone manufacturers. Releasing a cheaper model as well as the standard iPhone upgrade might detract from the mystery and hype surrounding Apple’s annual release of the iPhone.

In the meantime, we will continue to speculate about the more likely launch of the iPhone 6 as we try to predict Apple’s next move in its iPhone game plan.


Written by Charlotte Kertrestel