Widespread disappointment with BBM for Android and iOS

Users disappointed with BBM app for Android and iOS

Dwindling firm, BlackBerry, announced some time ago that it was planning to offer its popular messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to other platforms including iOS and Android, and after a long wait, the app is finally available.

But it would seem that Android and iPhone owners are not impressed.

The app was scheduled to go live last month, but after an unofficial version was launched early, crashing the service, BlackBerry was forced to push back the launch to fix the situation.

In order to avoid the service crashing again, BlackBerry has developed a queuing system, whereby new users will have to wait in line to download the popular app. Users who signed up online before the app was launched, however, have been able to download BBM immediately.


 Judging by the response Mobilephones.com has received from the general Android community, it would seem that BBM isn’t going to be winning awards any time soon.

One user who has been successful in downloading the messaging service complained that his Android phone doesn’t automatically add contacts in his contact list who are using BBM, forcing him to revert to Google Hangouts to ask contacts for their BBM ID pins.

Other users are finding that BBM for Android is using far too much battery, and requires you to force stop in order to exit the app.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel