Where’s My cAR? app launches

Wheres My cAR?

We have all done it, haven’t we? There is nothing worse than going to somewhere new and parking in a random location and then trying to remember where you parked you car. You may have left your car in a supermarket car park or in a discreet little back alley. To be honest, on occasion I even find it difficult to find my car when it is hidden behind other cars but only 20 metres away. 

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that would help guide you back to your car. Well there is and its called ‘Where’s My cAR’. If you have noticed the unusual use of upper case and lower case letters in the name of this app, then you are probably wondering about the reason for this.

This app goes further than other apps by adding in augmented reality (the AR in cAR). If you are intrigued and often stress about finding your car then its time to read more about this app from app developer Appoly.

Where’s My cAR? features

Launched on the 2nd May 2018, the Where’s My cAR? app is the most useful and ingenious of the apps that attempt to offer a similar service. With this app, if you stop driving then the app recognises this and automatically stores the location of your car. There is no need to open Google or Apple Maps and pin the location manually.

Wheres My cAR features

When you need to find your car, you can simply open the app and you will see an image of your surroundings, just like you would if you opened your camera app. What is true genius, is that an AR marker appears as you pan around your surrounds to indicate the direction of your vehicle.

The AR marker indicates the distance back to your car and there is a handy tool that brings up a street map, if you need assistance in navigating the maze of roads between you and your car. The street map doesn’t leave you flicking between open screens and instead pops up below the image of your surroundings, in a split screen view.

Further tools within the app include a north south compass and a compass that always points itself in the direction of your car.

Wheres My cAR for iOS

You can download the app from the respective app store for Android or iOS device. You can tap the links below to go straight to your app store:

In order to be able to download the app you will need an Android smartphone running on at least Android Nougat or an Apple iPhone running on iOS 11 or later. Even though the Where’s My cAR app uses the latest innovations like AR, the download is very small at less then 10MB, so free memory is no issue at all.