When two devices become one - Nokia Drive+

Nokia Drive+

Ask anyone who has used a Sat Nav system for any period what the major problem is and most will mention the hassle of removing it from the car after use so that it doesn't get stolen. Also an extra device in the pocket is not welcomed.

Well, maybe it's time to throw the Sat Nav away and consider the Nokia Drive+, well that is if you have a smartphone with the Windows Phone 8 Operating System. Once downloaded you have all those Sat Nav features in one device and lets face it our mobile phones never leave our sides.
The doubters may suggest that an app on your smartphone cannot compare to a dedicated device but on this occasion it looks like they will be wrong as the features onboard are just the ticket.
Windows Phone 8 users may like to join the discussion and feedback their thoughts after testing the Nokia Drive+. Did we mention this turn-by-turn navigation app is free?
Features include the following:
2D & 3D landmarks on the map
Avoid toll roads
Avoid motorways
Offline support
Voice guided with street names
Local speed limit reminders
Automatic day and night modes for optimal visuals
Distance to destination
Create and personalise favourite places