What to expect from Apple at WWDC 2013

Apple's WWDC 2013

The time has come for Apple’s CEO to head the company’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco this week, where it is hoped we will finally get to hear about Apple’s latest releases and developments. But what can we expect to see?

iOS 7

Although the latest iPhone 5S (or potentially iPhone 6) won’t be unveiled until the autumn, rumours are suggesting that we will catch a glimpse of the new iOS 7 at some point this week. Tim Cook has already sparked excitement by announcing that the new iOS will be the biggest operating system overhaul yet.

 It has been suggested that iOS 7 will have a ‘flat’ look, with icons losing their real-life look to accommodate simpler images. The design of iOS 7 will also focus more heavily on a black and white colour scheme with each app having a bespoke colour to increase ease of use. Some observers have also suggested that the updated operating system will feature tabs to make multitasking that bit easier as well.


iRadio is almost certainly going to be mentioned at the conference this week following a deal between Apple and Sony Music. iRadio will be a free music service which streams music much like Spotify and Pandora. 

The service will be an extension of iTunes, and will gain information about listeners' preferences from their iTunes accounts to suggest new songs and artists. 


It wasn’t long ago that news that Apple had filed a patent for an iWatch surfaced, and it is hoped that we might see the rumour confirmed at the WWDC this week.

Russian sources have confirmed that the company has filed a patent for the name ‘iWatch’, whilst other sources have confirmed that a smartphone device designed to be worn on the wrist is in the making.

However, in reality, it is unlikely that we will see it any time soon. But we can hope!

9.7 inch iPad

Although it hasn’t created quite as much excitement as iPhone 6 rumours have, it is likely that we’ll be hearing of a 9.7 inch iPad to be launched by autumn this year. Reports from various sources suggest that the device will be up to 30% lighter than existing iPads, with a slimmer design which resembles the current iPad Mini.

The WWDC will begin at 10am local time (6pm in the UK) and will last until Friday (14th), so stay tuned as we fill you in with all the latest developments as they happen.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel