Wearable smartphones: the i’m Watch

i'm Watch

With trends suggesting that wearable smartphones will be the next big thing this year, we were happy to get to grips with the latest smartwatch at MWC this week: the I’m Watch.


Designed in Italy, the i’m Watch has successfully incorporated style into a fully functioning wearable smartphone that works with both iPhones and Android devices.

The watch is linked directly to your phone, and allows you to view and answer incoming calls and messages, all without as much as touching your mobile. Because of its high quality audio system, you can even make calls on speakerphone, which is great if you’re driving and want to talk safely without having to shout to wherever in the car your phone is located.


You can read and reply to emails, access all of your favourite tunes stored on your phone to listen on the go, and keep up-to-date with all social goings on using the i’m Watch. 


The i’m watch comes with plenty of the popular apps already built in, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, for when you want more than just to post your whereabouts online, there’s the i’Market...



Keeping track of your fitness regime can be important within sport, and the i’m Watch can help achieve this. Because the device is attached to your wrist, you can measure and keep an eye on your heart rate while exercising, set a countdown for your training session, and also set a stopwatch to time yourself.


The brand also has a music market which offers over 6 million tracks for download. In many ways the application works like iTunes; simply browse the store, purchase music, organise your tracks into playlists, and enjoy.

I’m Cloud

The makers of the i’m Watch seem to have jumped on the cloud bandwagon by releasing the I’m Cloud- a file management and storage system which allows you to access all of your phone’s files, pictures and music, just by opening up I’m Cloud on your i’m Watch. Although this idea isn’t new, it certainly makes looking at files and images on the i’m Watch so much easier.


Allegedly with the world’s first ever curved touchscreen, the i’m Watch hasn’t been designed just to be functional; after all, if you’re wearing it on your arm for everyone to see, it’s got to look good too. The device is available in seven different colours: yellow, black, white, blue, pink, green and red, with the addition option of having a limited edition gold or silver luxury model. The i’m Watch also weighs in at only 90g, which means that you’re not lugging a smartphone-sized device beneath your sleeve.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel