New watchOS coming this Autumn

New watchOS

Along with the iOS 10 announcement made on Monday, Apple has announced that the new watchOS will be coming this autumn. The new watchOS will bring with it both new features and refinements that make the Apple Watch easier to use.

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All-new Dock

With the new watchOS, apps will launch instantly, with updated information already refreshed. Apps will be easier to find through a click on the side button, which activates the all-new Dock. 

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Swiping up from the bottom of the watch face gives quick access to the Control Centre and the most used settings.

New watch faces

The new watchOS will have new watch faces and these can be customised with a bigger selection of apps. 

Watch faces

Watch faces will be switchable on the go so that Apple Watch owners have access to the right face at the right time. This means that owners could start the day with the Modular face and its apps and then swipe to the Activity face, later in the day, when they go to the gym.

Activity app

The updated Activity app will allow owners to share their daily activity with friends. This includes sharing the Activity rings, making it easier for friends to compete to see who can complete all three rings first or let a trainer keep an eye on the owners daily progress.

The new Activity app can give notifications when friends finish workouts and these can be replied to in Messages, by sending back the users heartbeat with Digital Touch.

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To enhance activity recording, the new watchOS can label workouts, pauses workouts for temporary stops such as at traffic lights and show five metrics all at once; pace, heart rate, distance, calories and time. 

Additionally the Activity app has been optimised for wheelchair users, taking into account differing pushing techniques, speeds and terrain.

Breathe app

A new Breathe app helps owners to stay healthy by taking time out for themselves each day. The app helps to manage everyday stress with deep breaths, start anytime, mesmerising animations and gentle taps to help focus. Time to Breathe reminders can also be set to ensure the relaxation takes place everyday.


Messages also get refreshed and become more expressive. It is possible to add stickers, share secrets with invisible ink, reply with handwriting, write letters on the screen and let the watch turn them into text or insert larger emoji sketches.

watchOS Messages

Home app

Finally, a new Home app can be used to manage HomeKit-enabled devices, for adjusting home lighting, checking the thermostat and for seeing who is at the front door.

Written by: Michael Brown