CES 2013: Watch Unveiled Which Connects to your Smartphone

Watch released which connects to your smartphone

One item that has taken visitors to the CES by storm this week, rather surprisingly, doesn’t come from one of the big names in the technology industry. Instead, Pebble has unveiled what it hopes will become all the rage for smartphone users: a wristwatch which allows you to read messages, emails and answer phone calls, all at a scan of your wrist.

The watch connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, and alerts you to incoming calls or new messages with a silent vibration, making it a subtle accessory to wear. The watch is also customisable; with apps that can be used as a bike computer for cyclists, displaying speed, distance and time information, Pebble could become the must-have accessory for sports enthusiasts. The watch, being connected to your smartphone, can also play your latest music playlists, allowing you to pause, skip and control the volume of songs without having to even touch your phone.

The watch’s face sports an electronic-paper display, somewhat similar to that of a Kindle, which again adds to its subtleness in design. The user will be able to change the watch face according to their mood, and hundreds of options are currently available for download via the Android or iPhone app.

When creating this latest innovation, the designers of Pebble stated: “We strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life”. Because the watch isn’t a flashy, oversized computerised contraption, I can really see Pebble taking off, potentially becoming the next thing in smartphone gadgetry.

It is said that the Pebble watch will be released in the US later this month, yet it is unknown when the invention will go global. Retailed for pre-order on the company’s website at $150, we will have to wait and see whether buyers will deem the device worth purchasing. 


Written by Charlotte Kertrestel