Vodafone’s 4G delayed until August

Vodafone’s 4G delayed until August

Vodafone has announced that it will delay its 4G service, due to be rolled out next month, until August in order to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 5S.

The current iPhone 5 is only compatible with EE’s 4G waves, whereas the updated model, the iPhone 5S, will be able to access Vodafone’s 4G spectrum, which operates on a different radio frequency to that of EE. Vodafone has therefore identified that August, or even September, will be the best time to launch its 4G, in the hope that iPhone 5S buyers will opt for Vodafone’s service instead of EE’s.

But how will this decision affect the sales rate of other 4G compatible smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Sony Xperia Z?

4G was initially rolled out by Everything Everywhere (EE) in August last year, which coincided with the launch of the iPhone 5. Analysts have suggested that it was this handset launch which rocketed EE’s subscriptions over the past year, though Vodafone believes that this is set to decrease as soon as its own 4G spectrum is rolled out.

However, while the iPhone 5S will be released in August or September this year, we expect a high proportion of buyers will upgrade to the existing iPhone 5 device, due to a potential  price reduction because of the iPhone 5S’ launch. Therefore, it seems that EE will still have the upper hand when it comes to 4G, and until more devices become compatible with Vodafone’s 4G spectrum, we might see EE winning out.  

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel