Virgin Media customers eligible for extra benefits

Virgin Media

Virgin mobile phonesExisting customers of Virgin Media are once again rewarded for their loyalty when choosing a new mobile phone or smartphone.

Virgin Media customers should purchase their next smartphone contract through to receive a trio of benefits.

To be eligible for these money saving offers customers need to be a subscriber to Virgin Broadband, TV or home phone.

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Free Virgin Insurance

Free Virgin Insurance

Phone insurance is one of the most essential add-on elements that customers consistently overlook and there is nothing worse than finding out that your phone has been stolen or dropped into the toilet and it cannot be replaced!

Insurance in these situations will replace the phone which otherwise would cost you hundreds of pounds or alternatively leave you paying for a monthly contract with no phone.

Virgin currently offers 4 tariff categories for smartphones including Starter, Essential, Premiere and VIP tariffs, all of which are now accompanied by FREE Virgin Insurance.

  • Starter - This tariff is for low usage customers and offers 100 minutes, 250 text message and 250MB of data.
  • Essential - This tariff is for heavy users with limited internet or data usage. 1,000 free minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data are provided.
  • Premiere - This contract is for heavier data and internet users with unlimited minutes and text messages complimented with 2GB of data.
  • VIP - This ultimate heavy user tariff gives unlimited minutes, texts and data.

Reduced monthly tariff

Virgin loyaltyExisting Virgin Media customers who purchase a phone through will benefit from £10 a month off the cost of their pay monthly tariff.

This is an incredible money saving offer for those loyal to Virgin so if you have Virgin Broadband, TV or home phone then you will be delighted with this saving.

Free calls

To help you avoid those nasty out of tariff call charges Virgin customers can enjoy unlimited free calls to certain numbers depending upon the tariff they sign up to.

  • Starter - On this tariff you will enjoy unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobiles.
  • Essential - To bolster your already generous 1,000 free minutes, Virgin offers unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobiles.
  • VIP - The VIP tariff is for those who hate paying for free phone numbers. Calls to numbers starting with 0800, 0845, 0870 and 0808 numbers are now free.

Benefits of Virgin Mobile

Next day deliveryNo matter whether you are an existing Virgin Media customer or not there are many benefits to choosing the Virgin network.

You can keep your existing mobile phone number when you connect and enjoy 99% population coverage. If you find out that you did not pick the perfect tariff for your usage then fear not, you can swap your tariff at any time.

If you are really excited about the prospect of receiving a new smartphone then free next day delivery will not leave you waiting around. Order before 7pm to receive next day delivery or hand pick a delivery date any time over then next 21 days.

If you are not sure which mobile phone to choose then compare phones side-by-side on this page.

Written by: Michael Brown