Luxury Phone unveiled with £7000 price tag!

Vertu's latest model will come with a £7000 price tag

Now for most of us the act of buying a brand new iPhone 5 outright is something we can only imagine, with most users opting for a pay monthly contract in order to spread the cost that owning such a top end mobile phone incurs. And at £525, the iPhone is probably one of the most expensive phones accessible to the everyday user. But now, high end manufacturer, Vertu, has unveiled plans to release its next smartphone for , ahem, more financially endowed users, with a whopping £7000 price tag!

The company, based in Hampshire, has chosen to opt for Android rather than the new Windows Phone 8 platform for their new handset, which will also feature a titanium frame and a sapphire screen. Although the phone has a hefty price tag, this reflects the quality of the device and not necessarily the technological advancement of the model. In fact, each mobile phone is assembled by hand and is inscribed with the signature of the worker who assembled the phone in the inside of the device.

While the Vertu Ti may not be at the cutting edge of mobile phone technology, its users will still be able to use the high-end phone to fulfil each and every function that they require from a smartphone. Also, rather than making the device ultra slim and lightweight, like most modern releases such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, the Vertu Ti will be built to last, and will be made up of a more substantial frame weighing in at 180g.

While the majority of mobile phone manufacturers aim to target the low end of the market by releasing cheaper models, Vertu is choosing to retain its focus on the luxury mobile phone market. Other luxury phones which have been released in the last include the Ulysses Nardin phone, a diamond encrusted iPhone, and the Goldvish ‘Le Million’. If you want to read more about the most expensive phones of all time, click here to check out our article.

If you are feeling flash and fancy going upmarket this year, the new Vertu model will be found at over 500 outlets around the world, including one of Vertu’s 70 own boutiques. 

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel