Vertu Bentley Phone Launched

Vertu Bentley Phone

If you’re tired of seeing every other person rocking the same smartphone as you, Vertu’s brand new Bentley based smartphone could be right down your alley.

Starting a five year partnership between Vertu and the luxury car manufacturer Bentley, the Vertu Bentley phone is unlike any other device on the market.

Classic Vertu Design

Crafted with a quilted calf leather design with diamond stitched patterns, this isn’t the type of handset you’ll find on a trip down the local high street, with Vertu boutiques the only place you’ll be seeing it.

Its back side is added to with a Bentley style dashboard section which houses the phone’s 13 megapixel camera and flash.

The front side of the device is dominated by the full HD 4.7” display, which is made with Sapphire crystal, making it stronger than most. Whilst just below the display you’ll find the classic Bentley logo atop the leather design.

What's your take on the Vertu Bentley Phone?

Heading inside the handset we find flagship specs to match the Vertu Bentley Phone’s remarkable good looks.

A Snapdragon 801 chipset sits beside 64GB storage and 2GB RAM, whilst a quad-core processor keeps the handset running at a fast speed.

With Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancement and Bang & Olufsen audio also included, your music will sound better than ever from the Bentley styled device, making the smartphone a class act all-round.

Acting as a follow up to Vertu’s Signature Touch phone, the Bentley handset is even more exclusive as only 2,000 units will be sold, meaning it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be bumping into someone with the same phone if you invest in it.

Vertu Bentley Phone Cost

The only real issue comes with the price of the Vertu Bentley Phone, which costs a whopping €12,500, which translates to £10,000 in UK money. (And you thought the iPhone 6 was expensive?!)

This gives the Vertu handset a very small market to aim for, with just celebrities and extremely high earners being the only consumers who’d consider spending this much on a phone.

But this price tag doesn’t just give you the phone, in fact, you also get a genuine leather case for the handset which is made of the very same quilted calf leather as well as some exclusive Bentley content, mainly consisting of some car articles and driving locations.

Does the Vertu Bentley Phone rev your engine?

Obviously this doesn’t quite make the handset worth its ridiculous price tag, but if you do have the cash lying around and don’t fancy picking up a ‘regular’ flagship smartphone, you could opt for this handset instead.

The Vertu Bentley phone also comes with a number of exclusive benefits, like VIP access to sporting events here in the UK and a dedicated personal lifestyle manager amongst other things.

Vertu is even promising around the clock care and Silent Circle encrypted communication services with the handset, meaning those sensitive pieces of information sent through your phone are kept safe.

So, if you have £10,000 spare, why not splash the cash on the Vertu Bentley phone? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield