Sony VAIO Smartphone Coming Soon

VAIO Phone

VAIO has long held links with Sony, mainly on the PC and laptop market, but could we be seeing a VAIO smartphone coming soon?

Sony no longer boasts a strong partnership with VAIO – in fact it only sports just a 5% share now, but that hasn’t stopped VAIO going ahead with a smartphone of its own.

In an event scheduled for the 12th March, VAIO will be revealing its first ever smartphone, which could be quite impressive.

VAIO Smartphone Specs

Will the VAIO smartphone look like the Xperia Z3?

There have been very few leaks surrounding the VAIO smartphone so far, with the company managing to keep it under wraps quite well.

However, alleged specs give the device a very mid-range feel – which is probably a smart move to get the company on people’s radars on the mobile market.

Boasting a 5” 720p display, you can expect some solid visuals on the VAIO handset whilst the price should also be kept on the friendlier side.

Also, a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 chipset makes the cut along with 2GB RAM, providing a healthy but not excessive dose of speed.

16GB of built-in storage will almost certainly be expandable with a MicroSD card, giving us more than enough room for all of our photos and music as well.

Photography is handled by a 13 megapixel rear camera, whilst a 5 megapixel front facer is also packing plenty of power as well, making for some great quality pictures with either lens.

All of these specs have yet to be confirmed – so consider them as some flexible guidelines for now until VAIO confirms the internal kit.

VAIO Smartphone Design

Seeing as we haven’t been given any live shots of the VAIO handset, the internet has had to use its imagination to come up with a design for the device – albeit a very unoriginal one.

Sporting a very similar design to the Sony Xperia Z3, this rendered version of the VAIO phone would likely be on the receiving end of a lot of flak if it did turn out to look like this.

Of course, if VAIO has agreed with Sony to ‘borrow’ its design it might not be such a lawsuit attracting move.

What do you make of the VAIO packaging?

Regardless of how we think it might look, VAIO is likely to boast a premium design similar to that of its laptop computers of previous years.

The packaging for the device was one of the few leaks referring to the handset over recent weeks and that definitely looks like it packs some class – so we expect nothing less from the device itself!

Release Date

Seeing as the handset itself is unveiled tomorrow (March 12th), it shouldn’t be too long before we see it hitting stores, possibly toward the first week of April.

Lucky for us, it seems that VAIO won’t be restricting its smartphone to Asian markets either – with a European release also likely, meaning we could be seeing it in-stores or online here in the UK.

In terms of pricing details we can expect to see the VAIO handset cost between £150-£175 sim-free, with contract deals varying depending on tariff and up-front payment.

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Written by Luke Hatfield