Users complain of iPhone 5 battery issues

Users complain of iPhone 5 battery issues

With every software update that Apple releases, loyal iPhone fans wait with baited breath to learn of the newest improvements and updated features. But once again many have found themselves disappointed.

The new iOS 6 was released with the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini in September, and so far Apple have had to work hard to solve WiFi connectivity issues that caused an influx of complaints in recent weeks. That problem seems to have now been fixed, only to cause yet another.

According to Apple’s Support Communities page, tens of iPhone users have found that since improvements to their WiFi connectivity have been made, a notable reduction in their phone’s battery life have also been discovered.

One user has complained in the online forum that: “It [iOS 6.0.2] is absolutely draining my battery. I can usually get through a day with about 75% of my battery power remaining. Today I’ve gone through 90% and I’ve done nothing special with it”.

Another user agreed that the WiFi updates had decreased his battery life, insisting that his iPhone 5’s battery levels decreased from 20% to 13% in 8 hours of leaving it idle, which is far from what Apple have advertised the phone’s standby battery life to be.

Presumably Apple are doing their utmost to mend these recent battery related complaints, but it seems that the multi-million dollar company is losing its magic touch; these little bugs, apart from making Steve Jobs turn in his grave, are leaving iPhone users severely dissatisfied.