Urine proven to recharge your phone’s battery

Urine proven to recharge your phone’s battery

Research carried out by scientists at the University of the West of England (UWE) confirms that human urine can be used as a power source to recharge electrical devices.

The successful tests were carried out on a basic Samsung handset, with half a litre of urine providing enough power to make a 6 minute phone call and send a number of text messages.

While many consumers might turn their noses up at this latest development, scientists around the world have described the discovery as a major breakthrough.

Dr Ieropoulos, who, with his team, is behind the experiments, stated: “Using the ultimate waste product as a source of power to produce electricity is about as eco as it gets”, going on to suggest that the process could be advanced to provide power to underdeveloped regions across the globe.

“The beauty of this fuel source is that we are not relying on the erratic nature of the wind or the sun; we are actually re-using waste to create energy,” Dr Ieropoulos went on to add.

However, the findings are initially being developed for use in bathrooms, where the energy collected within a toilet could be used to power showers and lighting.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel