Universal Charger in European Pipeline

Mobile Phone Chargers

It looks as if we could be seeing the end of different chargers for different phones in the future after members of the European Parliament voted in favour of a move to make a universal charging device for all phones sold in the EU.

The vote saw 550 members back the move, with just 12 moving against the drafted directive, meaning that a universal charger could be in our homes by 2017.

This directive isn’t exactly set in stone, but there will be little holding it back in terms of common sense, with ease of use being a major plus side, especially for consumers.

Another major boost the directive will bring is by cutting down a reported 51,000 tonnes of related waste.

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The charger will most likely adapt the Micro USB style that is already common place amongst many handsets, with other manufacturers having to adapt to meet regulations.

This is not something that has taken the mobile world on the blind side, with manufacturers like Apple having backed the scheme since 2011.

Apple is at the forefront of many discussions around the move, with the company’s use of the lightning cable charger, obviously vastly different to a Micro USB.

Apple has come back with claims stating that rather than changing the design of all of its iPhones, that it will simply include an adaptor with all smartphones to meet the law, when it comes to pass.

Until the law is enforced, we won’t be seeing many changes, but give it three years and we’ll be basking in universal charging warmth here in Europe.

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Written by Luke Hatfield