Two New Nokia Phones in the Pipeline

What are the new Nokia phones?

It looks like the loss of the Nokia X programme isn’t stopping Nokia produce new handsets, after two new devices were reportedly presented to the Nokia staff this week, under some intriguing codenames.

The first handset has received the nickname ‘Superman’, and is thought to focus on selfies and other pictures.

The second device however is codenamed ‘Tesla’, and could well end up being the rumoured Nokia Lumia 830 handset we’ve heard about recently.

Could there be a selfie loving Nokia phone?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Nokia Superman!

We’re lucky enough to have seen a host of the specs for the so called ‘Superman’ handset, which will feature a 4.7” 720p display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM.

A Snapdragon 400 chipset is expected to make the cut behind the hood, with 8GB storage and a 2200mAh battery topping off proceedings.

The rear facing camera will pack a surprising 6.5 megapixels, whilst the front lens will sport 5 megapixels, making it the ideal selfie phone for Windows Phone fans.

Unfortunately we haven’t been given any specs for the ‘Tesla’ handset, but we have heard in the grapevine that it will be an ‘affordable high-end’ smartphone, possibly being the successor to the Lumia 720.

Rumours have been rife of late, with talk of a Lumia 830 in the works, and the ‘Tesla’ could well end up being this purported handset when it comes to light, but for now Nokia has remained coy about this possibility.

The ‘Tesla’ will feature a PureView camera if the rumours surrounding the handset are to be trusted, and it could also look like the recently released Lumia 930 handset, with a less bulky style, even though we didn’t find the Lumia 930 all that bulky to be honest!

Could the 'Tesla' look like the Nokia Lumia 930?

We haven’t received any specs for the ‘Tesla’ handset just yet, so you’ll have to keep your eye out for any details about the performance of the device for now.

Nokia by Microsoft?

An interesting point worth noting is that both of these handsets could be the first to feature the ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ branding, which was always planned to be put in place by Microsoft since its purchase of Nokia, which went through during the winter.

Nokia has gone through some immense change since getting taken over by Microsoft, with 18,000 job cuts being announced only a few weeks ago, and Nokia’s X project cancelled, leaving the X2 handset in limbo.

The move makes it highly unlikely that the X2 will see the light of day, with Microsoft obviously not wanting to work with one of its main rivals on the operating system front in Android.

Release dates for both handsets haven’t been confirmed yet, but both have already been presented to Nokia staff, meaning they must be in good shape already by a design standpoint, meaning they could both appear in the very near future, possibly during August or September.

We’ll be sure to keep tabs on both of these possible handsets over the coming weeks, and will keep you updated with news about each handset.

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Written by Luke Hatfield