Apple to Unveil Two New iPads

iPad Air 2 Coming Soon

Apple is set to reveal two brand new tablets in what looks like will be its final announcement of 2014, giving us an iPad Air 2 and an iPad Mini 3.

Having released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just under a month ago, it looks like Apple is planning on finishing the year on a real high by unveiling even more hardware ahead of Christmas.

Thanks to a trusted source somewhere in the Apple manufacturing line, we’ve also got a good look at the specs of Apple’s thinnest tablet successor, the iPad Air 2.

Do you think the iPad Air 2 will be a hit?

iPad Air 2

Following up from one of the most successful tablets ever released, the iPad Air 2 has a lot to live up to.

Shaving half a millimetre of its build width, it looks like it could be up to the task as well, now sizing up at just 7mm thick.

This change in size means that several changes have had to be made however, with the display and glass surface of the screen merged into one, much like the latest iPhone handsets.

Also, the mute switch has been removed and the volume buttons built deeper into the chassis, to allow for the thinner design.

The microphone has had to switch position slightly, and the two rows of speakers from the original Air have been stuck together to make one larger row on the Air 2.

The 5 megapixel camera from last time is getting a timely upgrade to 8 megapixels this time around, but it’s not yet known whether it will protrude slightly from the chassis like it does on the iPhone 6.

The front lens will also be upgraded to be able to film 720p resolution video for FaceTime calls, which is also an added plus.

In terms of specs, we’re told that an Apple A8 chipset will sit alongside 2GB RAM and up to 128GB internal storage space.

TouchID and NFC capabilities will also be included, meaning Apple Pay could well be a possibility on the latest iPad offering.

Which new iPad will you choose?

Another iPad?

The iPad Air 2 will be released alongside the iPad Mini 3 if rumours are confirmed true, however, information on this smaller sized tablet is scarce.

Rumour has it that the same Apple A8 processor will be built in alongside TouchID and NFC once again, whilst other improvements are a certainty as well.

Both iPads will be unveiled by Apple on October 16th, during its own media event which will be similar to the one held last month for the iPhone 6.

Prices and release dates will be made public knowledge during the event, whilst Apple is also likely to show off a new iMac line-up along with more information on its OSX Yosemite software update.

It’s likely that both iPads will be made available for purchase next month, giving it ample time for the run up to the festive period, giving it the opportunity to generate more sales.

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Written by Luke Hatfield