Twitter app redesigned for Android

Twitter app redesign for Android

Millions of people use Twitter everyday on Android and the social sharing site has on average 310 million monthly active users, of which 83% are active on mobile phones. To ensure that Twitter remains the best on Android, the company has just redesigned and updated the Twitter Android app.

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Twitter redesign 

The Twitter redesign sees the overall look simplified and this greatly improves the user experience, putting everything within easy reach.

Here is what has been redesign in the Android Twitter app:

  1. The Tab Bar, located at the top of the screen, now has added swipe functionality, making it quicker to move between notifications, messages and the time line. The Twitter Search icon is now also placed within the Tab Bar.
  2. Users can now drag in the navigation menu from the left side of the screen and this gives fast access to the user’s profile, highlights, lists, connect tab and settings.
  3. The final redesigned element sees a new floating action button, which is present at the bottom right of the screen at all times, no matter which Twitter screen is being viewed. With a simple tap, the floating action button allows users to pen a new message. As always, the create a message screen allows for a location, picture, poll or animated gif to be attached to the post. 

Twitter app

How to update Twitter

It couldn’t be easier to update Twitter’s Android app, on any compatible phone like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or HTC 10.

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The first step is to visit the Google Play app store. From here, hit the menu icon (three lines at the top left of the screen) and tap ‘My apps & games’. Once this has been done, the user can then scroll down the screen to find the Twitter app and tap ‘Update’.

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If the Twitter app isn’t installed on the mobile phone, then simply go to the Google Play app store and search for Twitter, in order to download the app.

Twitter redesign

The Twitter app is extremely small, so there should be no concerns around internal memory and downloading this app 

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Written by: Michael Brown