Twitter turns 7 today!

Twitter Turns 7!

It has been exactly 7 years today since Twitter, initially known as Twttr, entered our vocabulary. And now, with over 200 million subscriptions, it’s a service that many people couldn’t live without.

Twitter is used by individuals and businesses alike, and with over 400 million Tweets sent across the globe each day, it has indisputably changed the way we communicate.

Compared to other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter allows users to follow any person or business subscribed to the service without actually having to ‘befriend’ them, making it easier than ever to keep up-to-date with your favourite causes or celebrities. In that sense, Twitter has also revolutionised the way in which celebs communicate with their fans, giving regular updates as to their whereabouts and activities throughout the day.

And it’s not just celebrities that are joining the debate on Twitter; the site has even made its way into politics! Just yesterday before the Budget was announced, George Osbourne joined Twitter, which inevitably led to Labour’s Ed Miliband making a snide comment which included the use of the infamous ‘hashtag’.

Which leads us onto the 'hashtag'. Twitter has not only changed the way that we communicate, but it has also changed the language which we use. Before 2006, the word ‘hashtag’ was probably rarely used, yet nowadays the word is bandied about at the end of evert Tweet, Facebook post, and even spoken sentence. Earlier this year, in fact, the French government decided to discourage the use of the word ‘hashtag’ after claims that the Americanism was declassing the French language.

So are you one of the 200 million Twitter fans? Or are you still wary about joining up? Tweet us @Mobilephonescom (if you are signed up!), or alternatively let us know on Facebook, Google+ or to post a comment.  

Written by Charlotte Kertrestel