Trio of BlackBerry Smartphones Leaked

BlackBerry Slider

Despite having a rather chequered recent history, BlackBerry isn’t going down without a fight – with three new smartphones from the company having leaked online.

The MWC announcement of the BlackBerry Leap got something of a mixed response by many, with some favouring the mid-range handset, whilst others continued to criticise the company for being too ‘safe’ with the handset. So, can any of these three smartphones impress?

BlackBerry Slider

Is this the next flagship BlackBerry phone?

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of this phone, with the same handset being teased at the BlackBerry Leap launch at MWC.

However, this time around we’re actually getting a pretty good look at the new smartphone rather than a brief look at its design.

The leaked images show the phone in its full glory, both in black and white – whilst a pretty powerful spec sheet also accompanies it.

A 5.1 QHD display is the most notable addition to the BlackBerry slide phone – offering the same quality as the newly released Samsung Galaxy S6 and other flagship smartphones.

An octa-core processor is another impressive inclusion, whilst the 16 megapixel and 5 megapixel camera duo also provide plenty of quality – especially so when compared with previous BlackBerry cameras.

A 3650mAh battery is said to top the Slider’s spec sheet off, giving us a lengthy battery life as well, making for a real flagship effort from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Passport 2

What does this leaked Passport 2 picture say to you?

One of the better smartphones of recent history for BlackBerry was the Passport, which made its appearance in 2014.

Offering a unique square display with a physical QWERTY keyboard, it seems we could be getting a second serving of the handset, with a successor in the wings.

Currently being nicknamed the Oslo, this Passport successor will sport an identical 1440x1440 display, whilst specs could get bumped up.

An improvement to the quad-core processor and Snapdragon chipset seem most likely to take up most of the headlines, with other specs staying put.

The physical keyboard also looks certain to stay put, with the leaked picture of the device proving this.

A New BlackBerry Porsche Phone?

Is this the new BlackBerry Porsche phone?

The final smartphone of the trio is still shrouded in mystery, but considering the leaked photo it could prove to be yet another BlackBerry featuring a Porsche design.

Considering the photo itself, it looks as though it could well be a Passport spin-off of some sort, giving an already stylish smartphone an even classier look.

As is the case with many of these kinds of phone, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing any changes under the hood of the phone, so expect the same old Passport specs in a fancy chassis.

Porsche is likely to stick its much-loved logo on the back of the device, whilst fancy extras like chrome trims and leather materials are likely to bump up the price of the handset.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most leaks and upcoming smartphone releases, we haven’t been given a pricing or release date plan for any of the handsets – so we’ll have to wait until BlackBerry confirms these devices first.

What do you make of these leaked handsets? Do you think they’ll be hits for BlackBerry? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield