Samsung Tizen Phone to Launch this Month


South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung is sticking to its guns over Tizen, and is apparently set to launch a phone running the much rumoured system this month.

Tizen has been a troubled piece of software for Samsung, which has seen numerous hurdles throughout its development, but it looks as though the manufacturer is refusing to give up on it.

With a press conference scheduled on December 10th, Samsung is expected to launch its new phone, named the Z1, following up from the Samsung Z. What’s odd is that the older Tizen phone was actually cancelled just days before its scheduled release date, meaning that this new device is following up from a phone which never actually got sold.

Could a Tizen phone finally hit the UK?

Taking a quick glance at the specs, you’ll instantly notice that the handset is aimed squarely at the budget market.

Packing a 4” display, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage (which can be expanded upon) and a 1.2GHz processor, the Z1 isn’t going to stand out as a flagship device by any means.

Other features include a 3.2 megapixel rear camera and dual-sim functionality, both of which are nice additions, but once more aren’t particularly exciting.

The main draw for the Samsung Z1 is obviously going to be the operating system, with the South Korean company clearly looking to find a way of avoiding Android on the software front.

Another attractive feature of the Tizen device is its price tag, which is apparently going to cost less than $100, or around £70 in the UK.

One problem though is that India is currently the only market which is confirmed to boast the Z1, meaning a UK appearance could be a long way off yet.

Obviously, depending on the phone’s success in the Asian market, a western release could be pushed back or moved forward, but for now we’re not holding our breath on this device finding its way onto the high street anytime soon.

If the handset is to reach British shores, we’d put good money on it being until next year at the earliest, most likely to be just ahead of the summer.

Tizen sounds like a great idea, whether it's going to be a success is another question though

Of course, considering the cancellation of the previous Tizen device, there is always an opportunity that this handset may get shelved by Samsung as well, so until we actually see it online and being sold, we wouldn’t consider setting your heart on it.

Samsung has committed to developing Tizen though, claiming that it wants to ‘further enhance the ecosystem behind it’, so we should eventually get a UK version of the OS sometime in the future.

As more news comes in about Tizen we’ll be sure to let you know! But until then, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Written by Luke Hatfield