Introducing the World's First Heart Shaped Phone

Heart phone

If you were a bit disappointed with the design of the Galaxy S5 or another flagship phone, consider yourself lucky, as the Heart401AB has arrived and looks like it could be one of the stranger smartphone styles on the market.

As you may have guessed by its name, the Heart 401AB is shaped just like a heart, so doesn’t exactly meet the standard smartphone form factor.

The design itself is definitely off-putting enough for most normal smartphone fans, but the specs aren’t exactly inspiring either.

Heart Stopping Specs

You can twist the design of the handset to make it heart shaped...

Sporting a tiny 128x36 dot display, you shouldn’t expect to be watching any YouTube videos or browsing through pictures with the 401AB.

Also, due to its design it also lacks a number of key mobile features, like text messaging and internet access. In fact, the only real feature the Heart phone has is the ability to make calls which obviously doesn’t make great reading for social media fans.

But to its credit, the handset does feature a 100 entry phone book and hands free compatibility, so if you keep your number within an extremely exclusive club, we guess you may be able to make use of the device to some level.

Keeping up the heart based design trend is the charger included with the phone, which sports a similarly styled build.

It’s by far one of the weirdest pieces of hardware we’ve ever seen, offering next to no features with no real advantages on the design front.

Thankfully for us, the Heart 401AB isn’t heading to British shores anytime soon, with the device currently restricted to Japanese consumers on the other side of the planet

We’d put our combined year’s salary on this smartphone never hitting the European market on an official basis, so don’t go thinking that it could one day reach your local shopping centre in the distant future.

Of course, if you’re desperate to pick up this extremely novelty feature phone, there’s nothing stopping you importing it from the Asian country, but we certainly wouldn’t blame your friends and family for criticising you if you did.

Is this the strangest charger on the planet?


Pricing details for the Heart phone have yet to be revealed, but frankly, you’d have to pay us to take it off your hands.

There’s no telling how the device will do over in Japan, especially considering that there does seem to be a love for slightly stranger technology in that specific market, but our predictions aren’t too optimistic for now.

We want to know what your thoughts are on this extremely strange smartphone! Would you really consider getting a device with such a strange shape? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Written by Luke Hatfield