The Sony Yuga to be called the Xperia Z

Sony's flagship smartphone for 2013 has been the subject of a few previous leaks with images and a few specifications making their way out into the rumourverse and the latest is that the phone will drop the Yuga name and be called the Xperia Z which is more in line with previous model releases.

The Xperia Z is also expected to receive IP57 certification which will make it dust and water resistant following the trend of tougher smartphones such as the HTC J Butterfly and Xperia V. Even with a tougher shell the phone remains pretty compact at only 7.9mm thick so a smartphone no longer has to be bulky to be tougher.

Other information on the handset that we have so far is that it will be sporting a 5-inch HD touchscreen and it will be packing the same Tablet S tech for reduced glare. The Opticontrast technology has mainly only been seen on Sony TV's but the Xperia Tablet S has it and now apparently the Xperia Z will also be packing it.

This is all still at rumour stage for now but all is expected to be revealed at the CES in 2013.