Tesco reveals plans to launch more Hudl tablets in 2014

Tesco reveals plans to launch more Hudl tablets in 2014

Tesco has today revealed its plans to launch its second range of budget tablets next year.

The Hudl tablet was made official in September this year, in time for the festive season, and has made quite a splash in the industry. Priced at £119, the device has become one of the best budget tablets rivalling those released by Argos and Aldi.

Tesco’s chief executive, Philip Clarke, announced that the supermarket chain would be launching an updated range of Hudl tablets in 2014 based on the device’s success thus far.

To date, Tesco has sold more than 300,000 Hudl devices, and more is expected in the run up to Christmas.

The company was cagey when it came to revealing what the second generation of Hudl tablets would look like, with Clarke suggesting that “the new model will be an enhanced version” of the existing device.  

It’s hoped that the future for the ever-growing supermarket might lay in electronics, with Tesco’s TV and tablet market becoming more popular amongst its customer. It is suggested that the Hudl range of tablets will further bring Tesco into the home, offering its customers bespoke features such as BlinkBox and the Clubcard.

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Written by Charlotte Kertrestel